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The Weekly Bite – October 5 2018 – Issue 2297

Hi All

I am keen to find out if any of you are interested in a fitness and fun class on a Sunday. Recently I met a very interesting woman called Susan whom takes a class that encourages you to stomp your foot and move to the beautiful sounds of flamenco guitar. Susan’s Gypsy Rumba Class has you “learning simple choreographies to music and exercising the brain as well”. It is a dance class for beginners, open to men and women, where you don’t need a partner and you don’t have to have prior dance experience. If this sounds fun to you I will ask Susan if she will do a trial class for us at 4pm one Sunday. There would be no charge for this trial class however if we keep it going it will only because we have had a positive response from at least 10 people who will commit to attending, and whom are prepared to fund Susan’s special class. I envisage it will need to be approximately $8 for members and $18 for non-members to make it a viable option. Just a thought. This is an opportunity to grasp, or turn down, at this stage. See the noticeboard to register your interest. 

Re: the new Summer class schedule. If you have a sheet telling you that the Aqua class on Friday morning is 9.30am just amend it to show 10am instead. 

Thank you to Brian for spending all Sunday and Monday public holiday (apart from when we opened the Centre) doing a massive plumbing job in many of our pipes. For those of you whom use the Aerobic Room drink fountain it should taste MUCH sweeter now. 

Calling all men! If you are not up to date with your prostate knowledge, now is the time to tackle the topic! Brian and many other members whom have had prostate surgery or treatment URGE you to attend Sunny’s up and coming workshop. Ask for info at Reception. 


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