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The Weekly Bite – September 13, 2019—Issue 2344

Hi All

Jacinta Jones has really made her mark in the world Taekwondo championships and she wants you all to know that the very generous donations you made towards her expenses to get her to Bulgaria provided extra motivation to do her absolute best leaps and jumps. Read the email Jacinta’s proud dad sent us.

If you were in the Green Apple from 10 till 12noon on Tuesday you would have wondered what was going on. We had invited people we met at the Dickson’s Senior EXPO to come for a morning tea and see what we are all about. We had a great turn out.  Had to be well over 30 guests! Big thanks to everyone on staff whom were all kept on the hop, and to Shirley McGregor who created the most luscious looking culinary feast.

EXPOs seem to be the name of the game around Senior’s Week. We have been invited to the Active Retirement Expo on Thursday September 26 and Darrol, Nuala and I will go along to spread our health and wellness message again. I have been asked to do a mini-presentation and we will take the massage saddle chair to do some neck release work.  If you would like to come with us for a look-see, it will be held in the upstairs function room above Carriages restaurant from 10am till 12noon. No charge and there should be nibbles.

We have several in-house courses and workshops in October that you may really benefit from. Every year we decide what topics are current and need to be shared. Nessa and Sonya are busy updating the noticeboards so check out the two workshops that Joyce Gasking (Yoga guru) will deliver. Joyce will be coming back from her drought-affected home out west to be with us again and she is looking forward to seeing us all. Joyce is passionate about her subjects of Anxiety and Depression and Secret Women’s Business (pelvic floor).

By the time you read this, our Loretta Lamb and Mick her husband, will have “given away” their only child, Sharni. Brian and I hope that the wedding over the weekend went wonderfully well.
Thanks to the participants in the Wellness Groups for getting into the spirit of the little changes we are making to the delivery of classes. I needed to standardise the format to ensure we are meeting the standards I set for the delivery of all our services.  Wanda, Darrol and the Green Apple team have been so good about getting behind it all. If you have any concerns, please let me know. I will always listen to you and I will be able to explain the “why” of anything I do.


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