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The Weekly Bite – September 27, 2019—Issue 2346

            Inspirational Morning Tea

Barbara Donaldson celebrated her transition from a Green Apple Team member, a forty year veteran, to Lifetime Member status this week!

In a wonderful morning tea organised by fellow Team member, Katrina Bethell, and supported by the full Green Apple Team, Barbara took her final Aerobic Class on Tuesday September 24. The incredible energy generated by her loyal regulars, plus many past members who came along on the day, was tangible and exciting.

Barbara’s speech reflected her lifelong passion for delivering best practice client care and dedication to making meaningful changes in people’s lives. This, plus the fabulous food and the manifest goodwill felt by all, made it a very special occasion.

Thank you Katrina for having the vision to organise the “send-off” in such a way that it was inclusive to anyone who wanted to be there. And thank you Team, and all the people who generously brought along a plate to share.

Barbara has always shown total appreciation for the Green Apple direction and focus, and has done everything in her power to ensure the quality of what we do has been lived up to. Her message to me that evening (see next column) is absolutely the true essence of what she is as a person.
Thanks Victoria and Brian for making the morning such a memorable event. I’m so amazed with your generosity of offering me a lifetime membership!! So thrilled!! Couldn’t be proud to continue my attendance at the place that has been such a huge part of my life!  ”

And my reply, from the heart, 
“And you have been and still are a larger than life person in our lives. You deserve everything that comes to you. Vxx”

You have been wonderful to work with all these years. Thank you Barbara.




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