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The Weekly Bite – September 28 2018 – Issue 2296

Hi All
Big thanks to long-term member Jean Eldridge for the story you will read on the back page of the newsletter this week. Jean provides a wonderful insight into her Green Apple journey and how it has impacted on her life. I especially liked the amazing strategies both she and husband Graham have discussed about managing potential dangers in relation to the ageing process. I found Jean’s editorial absolutely inspiring. 

Next week we will publish member Jude McWhirter’s contribution. I just love reading these so I hope you find them interesting. If you have a story to share (and haven’t we all) I would be so happy to receive it. You would be surprised how many people tell me that they are inspired by reading what you are prepared to share.

Do come in to see us this Monday. Brian and I work public holidays to make sure our Team can enjoy a well-earned extended weekend. When a lot of you come in to do your workout, or the holiday classes, we feel it is all worthwhile. 

Check out the Workshops and Courses we have available for you next month. See details on the Reception noticeboard. These sessions will help you stay educated and on track with your exercises. This adherence to our health efforts can be the hardest thing to do and because we know this we endeavour to make your journey easier in any way we can. 


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PS:  Don’t forget Monday October 1 is a public holiday.  We are open 6am-10am with Step at 6.30am and Barbell Class  at 9am.


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