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The Weekly Bite – September 7 2018 – Issue 2293

Hi All

The Exercise Right luncheon last Wednesday was definitely worthwhile attending so if you missed this one I would strongly recommend you take advantage of the next one (or the Wellness Day coming up in October). All the presentations were great I felt, but Joyce’s talk on the pelvic floor resonated most with many of the people I spoke with. 

Progress report on the Kimberleys fall:  left wrist surgery successful and rehab well underway. Ultrasound on right shoulder shows major damage which will require a much more invasive and extensive surgery if I decide to go under the knife again. Big decisions to make since I really don’t want the months of recovery necessary for this procedure. Since the R supraspinatus is fully ruptured, R infraspinatus torn, one of the two R bicep tendons gone and other bits and pieces, the surgeon tells me he needs to do his work soon before atrophy and shrinkage occurs in my strong shoulder muscles. I’ll make the call in the next few weeks. I have to say a big thank you to Petrina for being immediately pro-active in organising alternative care for all my booked appointments (which had been made right up to Christmas for all my “regulars”!)

Big thanks for your well wishes and for all the Green Apple support that I am getting. I truly appreciate all of you. 

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