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The Weekly Bite – Tuesday 19th April, 2022 —Issue 2460

Hi All

Brian and I will open rather weird hours on Anzac Day! We usually attend an Anzac service, like many of you, and we thought we might try opening on that particular day for three hours from 2pm till 5pm, just to give those of you who really want to keep your exercise current (and who wouldn’t when you know how much your exercise is protecting you from any viruses!).
Do come and support us on May 25. Brian will take a fun Step class at 2.30pm and then a Stretch class at 4pm.

During these three short weeks we hope that you will make an effort to come and do your exercise on Sunday, if possible, as well as during the hours we will open on the Public Holidays. If you are an Associate Member who uses an attendance card to participate in a Wellness Group Class, you are welcome to come on the Sunday to do your strength program solo, or on Monday to do the Stretch Class or your program. Note: You will need to have your card signed off as attending.

The articles on the back of the newsletter are super interesting this week. I really shuddered as I read the sponge article!

Many years ago I introduced two specialised forms of exercise because I had read all the research and then went through advanced training in both areas because I wanted to bring them to you, to our members. The PowerPlate is one of the items used and the other is the Reformer. Unfortunately, we have had waning interest in these fields for years however I have always kept a space for them because I have believed somewhere along the line I would have staff working at Green Apple whom could become as enthusiastic about the effects we can get from them as I am.
And Lo and behold, we have!

Katrina Bethell has become a real advocate for the PowerPlate and is keen to do PowerPlate Personal Training with any member who would like to trial it. Ask Katrina how she is benefiting from regular sessions.

Charlotte and Wanda are just as passionate about the Reformer and are now delivering the special program we have for people wanting to fine-tune their mindful physical activity. Pilates Reformer can help balance your body, engage your core appropriately, improve your postural alignment. To me it is the base level of exercise that you can build all other exercise upon.
Find out more about these services at Reception.

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