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The Weekly Bite – Tuesday 26th April, 2022 —Issue 2461

Hi All

Well, last week was all about our new website that we have been working towards for the past 18 months. A mammoth task including a website developer Excite Media, who also did our main website many years ago, a photography company LP Commercial Photography with the wonderful help from “Andy” a principal of the firm, a copywriting firm StoryFlight who worked so well with me to achieve the messages I wanted to get across , and Team member Nessa who played a huge part in the work done by the photographer Andy and the layouts provided to Excite Media to make sure the finished product looked like and felt like what I really wanted to see.  And Sonya was an amazing help behind the scenes as we worked through each stage.

And the real stars were all the members who played a part in the visual effects, those of you whom had your photo taken, those of you who shared your story in videos, those of you who supported and believed in the journey we were making to go from a purely onsite service to spread our wings to bring the Green Apple culture and philosophies to rural and regional people. In fact to help make my long term vision, or dream, to make our very personalised service accessible to people regardless of where they are, in their home in the country, in their motor home travelling Australia, just anywhere the internet can reach now.

Our big Launch for the members involved was held on Wednesday April 20 at 6pm up in the Group Class area. Nessa, her husband Paul and daughter Lara, did a fantastic job setting the scene with helium balloons, special fairy lights etc. Team members Sonya and John did a wonderful job helping too. The Website viewing and sumptuous supper had a lovely feel to it.  Such generosity of spirit among all those attending. My warmest thanks to you all.

Have a look at the new site and let me know what you think. I am looking for any ideas about spreading the word on this service now, especially to doctors who will have patients who would benefit from our support.

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