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The Weekly Bite – Tuesday January 4, 2022 – Issue 2445

Hi All

First and foremost let’s cover the necessary updated “house-keeping” so we are all on the same page regarding keeping each other COVID-safe and our whole Green Apple environment as protected as possible.

We know the virus is everywhere at present and that we are all vaccinated, and hopefully had the booster, so we have all taken steps to help our immune system.  We also know that large sections of Green Apple are outdoors, with impressive opportunities to breathe in fresh air and this is a further protection.

Now if we can sustain our hand sanitising, wiping of handles and the parts of the equipment we have touched, as well as maintaining our physical distancing (I know this can be hard when so many if you have strong friendships within the Centre and like to catch up but do make a point of keeping that extra distance when you chat), we will all be doing our very best in this mad world to keep Green Apple one of the least risky places.

Mask wearing is a key part of all this. COVID is aerosol-spread and when we talk or breathe more heavily, we spray more aerosol particles out into the air and they project further than when we have our mouths closed. You may wish to lower your mask at times but resist it if you are near others, even when you are outside. When mandatory mask-wearing rules are introduced, there is a very valid reason for them. It’s best not to think of it as “Qld Health and the government bossing us around” because it really is just common sense in the current world climate.

If you feel unwell or have symptoms of any kind, please stay at home.  If you have had close OR casual contact with a confirmed COVID case, please follow the Qld Health guidelines. We can help with information in relation to this if you phone in. Our COVID Standard Operating Procedures manual is constantly updated with the latest directives.

Our Green Apple Home Health ONLINE service is up and running and some members prefer to access this rather than come onsite currently. If you wish to transfer to Home exercise which provides interactive contact with the trainer appointed to you, please let us know.

Brian and I had a lovely Christmas and New Year, quiet and busy renovating but peaceful (perhaps the calm before the storm as COVID cases soared!). We hope that all our Team and all of you were able to find some joyful moments too.

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