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The Weekly Bite – August 14, 2017 – Issue 2238

Hi All,

It was lovely to receive an email from a previous staff member this week. Stacey Bowdler came to the Green Apple straight from school and worked at Green Apple for approximately 10 years. She left us to travel overseas, to do a stint in a holiday camp in the USA as a group leader and then visit Europe and England. Currently Stacey lives in Revelstoke, British Columbia and she writes:

Good Morning Victoria and Brian and the team

 I still receive the monthly Green Apple e-newsletter and it’s nice reading how things are going and progressing there, as well as seeing the new faces since I was there a few years ago now. I hope everyone in the team is going well and enjoying what they do while still remembering what they mean to the clientele of the Green Apple and how much of an impact on their lives they play. I hope you are recovering well and fast post knee surgery, which no doubt you would be!
My mum has started getting back in to the classes at the Green Apple too and it’s fantastic hearing how much she is loving exercising again and how much healthier she is. She loves Katrina’s classes!

I am enjoying the very different lifestyle I am living in Canada. I am currently living in Revelstoke, British Columbia, renting a 5 bedroom house with a few buds just down from the ski hill. I love the social aspect of the town and how it is filled with outside activities all year round! I am surrounded by massive mountains and glaciers which are stunning to explore. BC has such a relaxed and slow paced vibe and I have met some of most the closest friends here. Canada has changed me for the better and has stolen a piece of my heart! 

I am planning on coming back to Aus for just a couple of weeks later this year to catch up with friends and family and to meet my one year old niece. It would be amazing if we could get a few of the old crew back together for a meal and a few drinks one night when I am back.  

Keep loving life


Brian and I are so glad to hear how well rounded and happy Stacey sounds. She is a special person and she grew up with us here at the Green Apple learning to value people and to want to help them make positive, meaningful changes in their life. It sounds as if she continues to embrace this mantra.

In last week’s newsletter I explained about the different days the Ekka holiday will be on and how it affects us. Since we are on the border of Moreton Bay and Brisbane Councils, there can be confusion. Remember, we will open as usual Monday, August 14 and we will observe public holiday hours Wednesday, August 16. We will open that day from 5.30am till 10am and Brian will take Stretch 6am and I will take a Give it a Go class at 9am. We hope to see lots of you here!

Steph has all her qualifications recognised now by Medibank Private (after much effort on her part) and will have her provider number on HICAPS  very soon, so if you like to see Steph for remedial massage and want to claim your rebate, book in to see her soon. Steph will open up three more appointments very soon and these times will be available on Thursday afternoons.

Margy, who is also recognised by all health funds, takes remedial massage appointments on Friday, Saturday and Monday. Between the three of us, Steph, Margy and I provide a very strong team of experienced Therapists who achieve very significant results in treating soft tissue dysfunction. If you want to find out how you can benefit from this work, ask to talk to one of us. Don’t put up with unnecessary pain. The longer you walk around with pain, the more it sets up the blue prints in the brain for chronic pain syndrome and results in poor/dysfunctional movement patterns. I have studied this for nearly 40 years now and it is amazing what you can achieve with clinical massage.

Member Ken Wakefield was talked in to coming to me by Team member, Nuala, after suffering an acute phase of back pain. (I think Ken probably came to me to keep Nuala happy initially!). Ken has been a wonderful person to look after because he follows advice and does what he needs to achieve great outcomes. He writes, “Feeling sorry for myself due to severe aches and pains as a result of my job as a hairdresser for over 40 years, it was suggested to me to go to Green Apple where under the expert care of Victoria, the Principle, I undertook a program of massage and exercise which was tailored to my personal needs. Victoria pinpointed the root of my problem immediately and after my first massage I could feel the difference. I can honestly say that 6 weeks later I am feeling brilliant and have so much more energy and suppleness. I know that my program will help me for years to come as long as I follow the advice given to me.”

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