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The Weekly Bite – August 7 2017 – Issue 2237

Hi All,

On Exhibition Day, Wednesday August 16, we will be open from 5:30am to 10am. Brian will take Stretch at 6am and I will take one of my “Give it a Go” classes at 9am.

This is a basic learning class for people who would like to try a group class but not ready to go into one of the current classes. I plan to coach you in simple skillsets from basic, basic Step to understanding music, and introduce terminology common to these classes. Come and have some fun and see how good your body will feel after you finish this session with me.

Further to Exhibition week itself, I need to remind you that the Green Apple is in the Brisbane City Council region so our gazetted “Ekka” Day is on Wednesday that week. Just over the river is Strathpine etc. & Monday is the public holiday and they will be working on the Wednesday. So do remember that we will be open all day as usual on Monday August 14 with all our usual classes and appointments but on Wednesday August 16, we will open from 5:30am till 10am only (no Yoga that night!).

Do you understand how your metabolism affects how well you use up the food you ingest? This is critical information for you to have because it will help you make decisions on what you do, how you do it and really work towards getting results. Your metabolism is affected by many influences and some of these we have to learn to live with eg. gender but there are others that you can manipulate. Women have some significant challenges that do not affect men, and the ageing process can bring its own challenges to both gender, males and females. Come along to this Metabolism presentation at 6pm, Monday August 14 to learn more about how you can manage your metabolism. Fee $15 to attend.

I am interested to discover how many of you would be interested in a visit to the four islands in the Redland Bay area, particularly Macleay and Russell Islands. Since Brian and I have been going to one of these bay islands, Lamb Island, since 1999 and we have been charmed by the island life available right on our doorstep, I mentioned this as a potential Social Committee trip. I am keen to find out who would like to do a day trip so I can provide more feedback to the Social Committee.

Have you seen our “Share the Dignity” collection box in Reception? Member Leiza Dunlop has passionately organised the Green Apple to be a collection point. You can donate any sanitary items into this box as this is a collection point for the Green Apple and the wider community.

On any given night in Australia, 1 in 200 people are homeless, 44% are female, 27% are children under the age of 18. Family violence is the number one reason people present to homeless services with 55% of females citing this reason.

As an organisation, Share the Dignity oversees a number of initiatives that give back to Australian women and children in need, with a particular focus on victims of domestic violence.
Their services range from collecting sanitary items for homeless women and those fleeing domestic violence, to funding the funerals of domestic violence victims.

The June and July Team Member of the Month awards were awarded to Barbara and Petrina. The Team nominates fellow team members for something they have recognised as having made a special contribution to the Green Apple and member-care in that particular month. 

Did our Wellbeing Day get you thinking about your mind? Would you like some extra information about how exercise can help with your mental health? Come along to Joyce’s Anxiety and Depression Wellness Workshop which starts on Friday, August 18 at 6pm. The cost for this workshop is $33 for the three sessions

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