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The Weekly Bite – December 11 2017 – Issue 2255

Hi All

Your Green Apple Bonus Card will be ready to use this week from Monday December 11. You would have received this in our special Christmas post out to you with your Green Apple diary. To activate your bonus card you must bring it into Reception so we can attach it to your workout card ready to be clipped for every visit you make between the starting date and Australia Day in January. If you earn the bonus by attending at least 20 times over Christmas and New Year during these dates, you will have $30 to spend on Green Apple services. 

To give you an idea of how you can use this bonus I will tell you what one of our Green Apple members told me. She had wanted a session with an exercise physiologist to get some expert advice on her gait. One of the other members had mentioned that they had seen an exercise physiologist for a program review (as part of their doctor’s referral) and that on that particular session they had focussed for thirty minutes on “getting my walking right so I was using all the correct muscles instead of swaying side to side like I had got used to”. This inspired the first member to think about this too so she enquired on the cost to see this exercise physiologist and was told “non-members pay $75 but as a member you will pay $60 for the half an hour coaching”. Long story short, the second member used her $30 bonus plus her private health fund rebate (at Reception using the HiCaps machine) and had a free session for her gait training. 

One of the questions I am often asked when I am seeing newly referred doctor referrals is “what is an exercise physiologist?“. Most people know what a physiotherapist does, or a podiatrist or dietitian, however, there is general ignorance about exercise physiology. My simple explanation is that both physiotherapists and exercise physiologists study at university for four years and both need to learn a great deal about anatomy and physiology. Exercise physiologists specialise in understanding both musculoskeletal (joints/rehab exercises) as well as the huge field of metabolic conditions (type2diabetes/ COPD/ heart problems and Osteoporosis and so many other health problems that are deemed chronic. Not only do they need to understand the condition, they need to know what medication can be used for that condition (and the side effects) and, most important, what exercise will be needed to help manage that condition. So this is why I employ exercise physiologists to help you. 

The Green Apple Christmas Gift offering this year is now available. The towel that accompanies the gift this year is not intended to replace the full size towel you should be using on all equipment when you exercise. You will see that the towel is small enough for you to tuck in to take anywhere you need to store away valuables that you don’t want to wear right that moment or a phone or cash/card. The solid zip up pocket (with the embroidered Green Apple logo) will be good at the beach as a second towel, one to lie on and dry yourself with and this smaller towel to keep dry for any other purpose. Similarly, this Green Apple towel is perfect to put your watch and even earrings in while you do Aqua or an energetic workout. It can also be rolled into a bolster to put behind your back or neck to maintain the natural curves of the spine.

The Green Apple gift gives you a choice of a massage plus 30 minutes personal training coaching OR a fully serviced month membership for someone who is ready to trial a personalised health journey. This, plus the specialty towel, all for $99. 

Aqua commenced on Wednesday evening at 5.30pm last week so join in the fun in the water with Joyce this week. 



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