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The Weekly Bite – December 21 2017 – Issue 2257

Hi All 

Brian, I and the Green Apple Team wish you a wonderful Christmas and also happy and  safe New Year celebrations. This year has blown away just so quickly that I can hardly believe that I am writing these wishes to you again so soon. Many of you tell me you feel the same way!

Over Christmas and New Year, the opening hours and activities will differ from the usual schedule. Please check the info sheet we sent you in your Christmas post out, the colourful page. You will notice that we have a split shift on Wednesday through to Friday between Christmas and New Year and that we have rostered several Aqua classes. I hope you will mix things around a bit and try some different activities. 

The next newsletter will be released on Wednesday January 3 and this will tide everyone over until we put out the newsletter again on Friday January 12. 

Don’t forget that the newsletter you receive by email is different from the hard copy edition we publish every week. The e-newsletter will come out at the end of December, in time to give you all the details of what’s going on in January 2018!

Brian and I, plus family Petrina (and Steve, twins Raf and Raul, and Tristan) and Jason (and Jonathon and Caitlin) will be boarding the Sea Princess to New Zealand on December 21. We return on Thursday, January 4. During that time we know we are leaving the Centre, and all of you, in the best of hands. I really rely on you too, to identify anything that I would be concerned about and to alert the staff so they can do something about it. Concerns could range from maintenance issues, any worries you have which we can help with,  or just things you need to share. 

Our Christmas away with family is precious to us. The grandchildren are all growing up so quickly now, with the twins turning 15 a few days after we return from the cruise, Jonathon having just turned 14 and Tristan and Caitlin also heading towards their teen years. All the family know us as people who work long hours as well as carrying the titles, Granny and Grandad, so it will be nice to just put on our family hats for 2 weeks and enjoy all of them (including our “big” children!). 

We have had some response to our My Health for Life program that will start early in 2018. There are many of you whom would benefit from this and, since it is government funded, I don’t want you to miss out. Bridie tells me that the course is actually available to members (and family/friends) who are using a Care Plan IF they meet the criteria as set by the guidelines. So if you are on an Enhanced Primary Care plan referred by your doctor, you may still qualify for enrolment in the MH4L course. Your time commitment in regards to the program should be quite manageable and the benefits (increased knowledge, better direction, higher levels of commitment to your health journey) will outweigh any time-investment you have to make. Find out if YOU are eligible to apply for the course by going to

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