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The Weekly Bite – February 1 2018 – Issue 2262

Hi All

Thank you to all the members who turned up on Australia Day.  It made it worthwhile for Brian and me to open and we were very happy about that!

Well done to my Australia Day water class participants, Karen Hamilton, Helen Church, Sharyn Bellamy, John Topping, Diane Booth, Margaret Hickson, Mary Hudson, Pam Bird, Eileen Jennings, Lexie Dale, Elva Solman, Judy Payne, Ruth Milwright, Ruth’s sister Liz, Sheri McNamara, Gail Whiston, Bruce Carter, Tracey Chilcott, Sarah Savic, Jeanette Mitchell, Annette Trims and Karen Sharp.  I was very impressed with the way you all stayed focused and mindful of what I wanted you to do.

If I offered to do this class one Sunday afternoon, who would be interested?  I will put an “Expression of Interest” note on the noticeboard and you can let me know.

We still have room on the bus for more for the Bay Islands day trip (to Russell Island and Macleay Island).  If you have always lived in Brisbane and never visited these beautiful local islands, this is your opportunity.  Brian and I live on adjacent Lamb Island when not at the Green Apple and Brian thinks it truly is heaven!

We are taking enrolments for the next Secret Women’s Business class which Joyce will conduct on Fridays at 11am on February 16, 23 and March 2.  Joyce has been attending an advanced level in pelvic floor education course and is keen to share this with you.  Even if you have done this class previously, it is good to do a refresher on your pelvic floor exercises.  Book now!

Did you know that we do our First Aid every three years (as a big Team group) and our Resuscitation every year?  We are doing our Resus. this year on Saturday, February 3.  We go through all the usual CPR things on “dummies” as well as have a refresher on the use of our defibrillator.  You can be sure that you are in great hands if you ever experience an incident at Green Apple.

Brian will be taking a Barbell class on Tuesday night February 6 and 13 at 5.30pm.  Brian has purchased new rubber covered barbells and weight plates to replace all the old stock we used to use upstairs when we had carpet.  Now we have a polished timber floor we need something that will not mark or damage the surface.  Brian trialled his Barbell class on Tuesday 30 and, thanks to members like Randall Jones, Rex Chapman, Ray Harris and the three Oliver boys who were invited by Brian, and the members who usually come for the 5.30pm class, he had a full enthusiastic group.  If you would like to try this 30 minute class, come along this week.

The monthly E-Newsletter (which is different from our weekly publication) will come out sometime this week.  Keep an eye out for it because I always write something in the editorial that is close to my heart.  I was delighted to meet a new member (when I was passing through the Reception Wednesday night) who said “Are you Victoria?  I have just joined here at Green Apple because I was inspired to start after reading your newsletter

(E-NL) that you wrote in the  back of a taxi coming home from your cruise.”.   How special is that!!

Victoria's signature 2017 - Green Apple Wellness Centre

PS:  Stay hydrated!  Drink water!







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