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The Weekly Bite – February 8 2018 – Issue 2263

Hi All

Not only one baby but two!  Sunny and his wife, Vedu had a baby boy (announced last newsletter) and now Steph has delivered a great big baby boy. 

Steph writes:

“Hi Everyone

I’d love to introduce bub by his name, but we haven’t named him yet so that will have to wait!

Bub born 12.24am on Monday February 5.  Weighs in at 4.5kg and 58cm long, he’s got a full head of hair and as much as Mike is trying to persuade him that there’s no screaming in our house, he has a decent pair of lungs on him.

The Midwives here are all amazing, but especially the night shift ladies, they go above and beyond for you, probably so that you get sleep and don’t go crazy on  their watch.

Thanks you to everyone for texting me with your thoughts and wishes, it was very comforting to know I have such support around me!  I’m sorry if I didn’t get back to all of you, I was kinda busy 🙂

I’ll let you know when we finally have a name for him.  We don’t think he looks like any of the names we had on our short-list, so it’s back to the drawing board for us!

Hopefully see you all soon,

Much love, Steph, Mike and bub


 Baby Dev Joshi

Born 23/1/18

Weight 2.8kg

Regarding the Water Work with Victoria If you expressed interest and you are still keen, I will take a group in the pool 5pm Sunday February 18.  If you have your name on the list already please put “confirmed” if you can come.  There are still spaces available—see the noticeboard.Do any of you meet the following criteria, female; interested to learn Self Defence for Women; available at 4pm on Sundays?  If you answer “Yes” to all three questions you may be interested in a class that we are thinking of delivering at Green Apple.  Member Pauline Mathers told me about a great class she attended in 2017 that really made her think about manageable ways to protect herself if she were ever in a threatening situation.  I contacted the course provider and he is going to come and look at our venue, and tell me what fee would be involved.  I will put a notice up on the board in Reception so you can express your interest.  If we have sufficient response , and if the price is right, we will seriously think about adding this to our class options.  I think it very important that women are educated and empowered in this area.

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