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The Weekly Bite – Issue 2224 May 8 2017

Hi All,

Finally we settle back into 5 day Monday to Friday weeks, with our usual weekend hours of 7am until midday on Saturday and 3.30pm until 6pm on Sundays. The 8pm close time in the evening, on Monday through to Thursday, is now in play and I hope any of you who usually struggle to get here after work will be able to develop strategies to cope with this.

We have heard from Dany!! He has settled down in Melbourne and writes,

“Dear Victoria,

Finally I have had the time and enough internet data to send you this e-mail! It has been almost a month that I left the Green Apple, time flys.

Thank you very much for the letter that Shirley read during my farewell party and thank you to organize it, we had a big turn up and I was really surprised – so many clients who cared about me, it was amazing.
My job is going really well it is really different and challenging. In July I will be starting my first lecture called ‘Case Management”. Who knows if they will understand me talking with a strong Italian accent ahahaha.

I started to supervise students and to give them my input and every day I am realizing how the Green Apple built my self-confidence and knowledge. I thought that they could teach me things, being at university,  and keep me up with the latest research but when it comes the time to deal with the real world and real clients, my  Green Apple training kicks in and it is something that nobody around me has, even my co-workers.  I feel really lucky to be a Green Apple veteran.

I hope that everything is going well up in Brisbane and that the Green Apple will be always helping people to improve.
I miss my clients and I miss helping them and it will never stop.

Say hello to Brian and all of the staff.
Keep in touch and thank you very much for being my mentor, my guide and the best boss I could ever have had.   


It is always great to hear back from staff who have been part of the Green Apple family so it has been so good to share the emails from Cherryle (on the Sunshine Coast now) and Dany (in Melbourne).

Loretta is back from FILEX convention in Sydney where she shared accommodation with Cherryle and Libby (on long service till October 2017). FILEX is an amazing Australasian conference with guest speakers from all over the world and an enormous trade show. Loretta has come back all fired up and tells me they all had a fantastic time.

Bridie will be back with us this week, returning on Thursday. She will start the next T2D Group Education Course on Tuesday, May 16 so if you are eligible for a referral into this course, we need it ASAP.

Maltron Body composition testing will be held on Tuesday, May 9  between 10am-12pm and Wednesday, May 10 between 5pm and 7pm. If you have never had your body fat, muscle mass and hydration assessed with the Maltron equipment, this is your opportunity . Usually we do this testing in a personal training session which costs $40-$60 for the half hour appointment, but when we have these gazetted sessions, we do the same test and explain your result to you, one-on-one for $15. Body composition measuring is a much more accurate gauge of your health than using BMI testing or weighing and measuring. Once you’ve had an initial reading, you will be able to compare your results in 6 months or a year to see if you are on track. 

I am still doing my pool work!!! Without my wetsuit too and the water is still

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