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The Weekly Bite – January 26 2018 – Issue 2261


Hi All

BabyBoy Joshi, Sunny’s new family addition, arrived safely at 3.34pm Tuesday, January 23.  Mother and son both well and Sunny is a very proud and happy Dad!  Congratulations!

Thank you to Team member Petrina for creating a party atmosphere at work also on Tues January 23.  Petrina turned up at work with three completely different home-made cakes to celebrate staff birthdays that actually occurred over the holiday season.  Nuala, Katrina and Darrol were (belatedly) sung to and shared their yummy sweet creations.

Darrol and Katrina tell me that the Maltron testing (total body composition testing) went well last Tuesday and Wednesday.  The information you gain by having this analysis is really valuable and I think all members would benefit from knowing what % of their body is “vital” tissue and how much is body fat.  If you have been watching “How to Stay Young” on ABC T.V. Tuesday nights at 8pm, you will understand why I say this.  If you missed the 3-part program, check it out on ABC iView – good viewing.

Further to “How to Stay Young”, the volunteers being tested under laboratory conditions, discovered their actual “biological /physiological“ age which generally differed significantly from their birth age.  One fellow, birth age of 49, had a biological age of 90 plus! He was so shocked and changed his life enough to really address this awful result.  Member Beryl Boyd tells me that, by amazing co-incidence and with no possible collusion, both Sunny her Exercise Physiologist and her cardiologist, told Beryl that her biological age was 75 (Beryl is a very young 90 plus member!).  Beryl has been a member at Green Apple for more than 22 years so this wonderful effort is reflected significantly in her perceived biological age.  Well done Beryl!

As a follow up to the note from a member who was struggling to exit the carpark because of a car blocking the entrance, one of our women members asked me if the following editorial would be appropriate as a response.  I think it might possibly help.” I am a member who uses the carpark regularly and on some occasions, find myself exiting when someone is entering the carpark. I always reverse into the carpark allowing the other driver to enter and pass my vehicle. It is easier for me to do this than for the other driver to reverse through a narrow exit, watching out for pedestrian traffic, past parked vehicles which can obstruct view of road traffic.”

Do you have Type 2 diabetes?  Have you a referral for the T2D Group Education eight-week course?  The course commences Monday February 5 so if you have not had your hour session one-on-one with Bridie (or Sunny or Tiffany) as the lead up to this course, please let us know as soon as possible.  This course is bulk-billed if your doctor has provided your referral.’

If you were able to be taken through a session of specific “tests” to provide you with your appropriate biological age, would this interest you?  There would be a fee, however I think it would give satisfaction to many, many members.  Let me know.

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PS:  The Tuesday 7am Forever Active class will be cancelled with the last class on Tuesday January 30.


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