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The Weekly Bite – July 10 2017 – Issue 2233

Hi All,

You may have seen our advertisement for the Wellbeing Day in the local paper, Bayside Star. Our new psychologist, Lisa Johnson, and Petrina (who you may see helping on Reception Tuesday till Friday 9am till 1pm, are planning a great in-house event. On Thursday July 27 from 11am till 2pm there will be many opportunities to listen to, or join in with, activities for educational purposes, fun – or both. They are setting aside time for a light lunch within the three hours and they hope you will bring a small plate to share if you come along.

Lisa and Petrina want to raise a little money for the charity Black Dog (support people with depression) so they are not actually charging for attendance at the Wellbeing Day, they will just ask you for a donation towards this charity and it can be as little or as much as you feel you want to give.

See more information on the Reception noticeboard about the agenda planned for the day. I am sure there will be topics that will interest you and it gives everyone a great opportunity to get together with Green Apple buddies or to meet other interesting people. Register your interest by putting your name up on the Attendance List – friends and family are welcome to come along with you.

If you have seen the glossy magazine Australian Over 50s Guide, Living and Lifestyle, you will see on pages 162, 163, Foods for Your Psychological Health which states “To me, having a good psychology means having a great memory, the ability to think clearly and make decisions wisely and effortlessly, balanced moods, being quick to laugh, and not reacting to situations based on your past bad experiences. If you have all five of these, others will see you as charming, wise and fun, and will come to you for advice with great respect.”

Our psychological health is as important as our physical health and it is very hard to separate the two. This is why I have been so keen to have a psychologist at Green Apple because it will give us someone who can help with any mental hurdles that are sabotaging our efforts to help ourselves when we are endeavouring to do our exercise or make dietary changes.

The Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle (HEAL) course has also been designed to give you the tools to make those dietary changes. The course will commence on Monday July 24 at 12pm and 6pm at Green Apple and I can guarantee if you get involved and embrace the journey, you will hit the summer months when we shed layers of clothes, you will feel so much better. I think one of the reasons this course is so effective is that you have others making the journey with you and everyone is supportive. See more information on the Reception noticeboard.

Brian and I will be having a “holiday” over the next two weeks. I am not too sure how much of a break it will really be because I know Brian has plans to help the electrician and do all the hard yakka for the plumbing in his big new shed at Lamb Island (the island we call home). The shed has been up for some time now and the toilet, shower and undercover outdoor kitchen is still in the “dream” stage so the idea is to address this seriously in the next 12 days. How far he will get is anyone’s guess however the intention is there. I plan to do a few things that I can never set enough time aside to address, like going through our entire new website to make sure it is projecting the “feelings” and the information that I really want to share with anyone looking at it. I also want to write up my diarised notes from my bilateral knee replacements, to include details regarding my pain medication and progress. I also have my “blogs” that I wrote so Brian could share my journey on the Green Apple noticeboard. If I don’t tackle this soon I will lose the memories and I want to keep them fresh to help others. So, can I achieve this in my 12 days away or will I just put my feet up with a good book! Time will tell.

Have a great time exercising in this wonderful weather. Remember you burn up more calories when you are cold so don’t stop coming in when the cooler days arrive. Early birds – rug up and shed layers as you warm up. I’ll be thinking of you!

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