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The Weekly Bite – July 3 2017 – Issue 2232

Hi All,

The Give it a Go class last Sunday was fun to take. I had six people keen to understand how to move their body to music, and to gain some basic skills on the Step. I plan to take another class like this on Sunday July 23 at 4pm and I am keen to see more of you there. The six people who attended on Sunday June 25 were not all women – I had 4 women and 2 brave men and they all did well because they listened and really applied themselves. It was a pleasure to do this with them.

Group classes can bring an extra dimension to your usual exercise regime. One major benefit is the brain training that occurs and I can tell you we all need this, especially as our brains “mature”. Just keeping in time to the music with basic moves and no fancy choreography can be a challenge and I start any learning/coaching class with this work before we go any further. Once everyone can actually hear the beat, I start using the step. We all use steps and stairs on a regular basis and Step classes are just step up (one, two) and then step down again (three, four). This is done to a rhythm of 4 beats over and over again and once you have the “ear” for the four beats, you can vary what you do on the step to make it interesting.

I always ask people to get used to the leg movements before they start to use their arms because the brain takes time to train and it is best to learn each thing slowly, progressively so we don’t get frustrated and want to throw the whole thing in.

Brian still takes Step classes because he really likes them. Step uses slower music and the stepping up and down provides more overload than non-jumping moves in aerobic classes. You can get a very good workout without being a dancer!

So come and Give it a Go. You will never know if it is something you would like to do until you try it. And if it is not for you, then fine, at least you will have tried.

Sunny has been delivering the Osteoporosis and Muscle Wastage (Sarcopenia) workshop and he tells me the group are very attentive and that they are asking some really good questions. This  Wellness Workshop is one of many that we schedule through the year and we are just starting to plan the Courses and Workshops for 2018. If you have attended anything this year and have any feedback you could share, I would really like to hear from you. It is your opinions that matter to me and I listen seriously to any comments you make. If you have really benefitted from something and you are prepared to share it, other members will tell me how much they enjoyed your “story” and the staff who have delivered the service feel appreciated.

Are you ready to take the Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle journey? This 8 week course starts in July and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Bite the bullet, commit to possible changes needed in your life to be healthier (and slimmer?).

If it is your mind/brain that is the hurdle stopping you putting into practice all the things you want to do to be slimmer, healthier, compliant with your exercise etc etc., I strongly recommend you book in to see our new Psychologist Lisa Johnson. Lisa is very, very keen to help Green Apple members achieve their goals. Lisa can see what the Green Apple is all about and understands our business tagline, “Be Inspired”, and she wants to work with you because she thinks you would not be here at the Green Apple unless you were a certain sort of person – a person who actually wants to help themselves rather than just rely on the government or medical profession to solve all health and weight problems. If you want to know more about Lisa, her services and costs, please ask for Lisa’s phone number at Reception and you can have direct access to her.

Lisa and the Green Apple Team will be delivering a Wellbeing Day on Thursday July 27 from 11am to 2pm and I hope you will come along. It will give you the opportunity to meet Lisa and to have a social light lunch. If you plan to come, please put your name up on the noticeboard in Reception and if you are prepared to bring a plate to share, just add what you plan to bring – nothing fancy required, just something to share.

Keep an eye out for our next E-Newsletter because we will have full details of what activities are planned for our Wellbeing Day and it should be great fun!


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