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The Weekly Bite – June 12 2017 – Issue 2229

Hi All,

Our new Team members Julianne (Julie) and Margy are doing very well in their training which is being conducted behind the scenes. Since the Green Apple has been in business nearly 40 years, we have accumulated so many systems, areas of responsibility, multiple Standard Operating Procedures (which explain all the WHY, WHAT and HOWs of the Wellness Centre) that it is just endless training really. Julie and Margy have official trainers in Pat and Loretta, and I see them for the big picture stuff, to talk about our Green Apple culture, philosophies, and my vision of what I want this business to be and to provide. Both Julie and Margy are embracing their part in the journey we are making with every one of you.

Darrol has been selected as Julie’s mentor and he will see her every week for a “debrief” and to help her until fully integrated into the Team.

Steph is Margy’s mentor and has been selected to help her transit from Reception to the Clinic appointments. Margy has been a fully qualified and registered Remedial Massage Therapist for the past 9 years and she will commence her appointments from Saturday June 10. At present Margy will take Clinic sessions on Friday, Saturday and Monday. Her fees are set at the same rate as Steph and she has a Private Health Fund provider number. Book in at Reception to see Margy in her role as an accredited Massage Therapist.

You will also see Margy at Reception because this was the role she applied for initially. Having a dual role in the Centre works very well.

Have you always wanted to join in a Group Class but don’t know where to start? Several people have told me that they feel too shy or they are worried that they will look stupid in a class. Problem solved. I will take a Learn to do Group class session in the Aerobics Room upstairs on Sunday June 25 at 4pm. I will show you a few different styles of classes from Basic Step (great class for both men and women because of the excellent leg and hip joint work), Stretch, Beginners Aerobics to music, Hip, Thigh and Tum, Pilates and I will touch on any other class you are interested in. See the Reception noticeboard and sign on to have some fun. You can do as much or as little of the class as you like.

Last week I included some member feedback in relation to massage therapy and what it can achieve and this week I would like to share a lovely note from member Lola Coker.

Another year gone so quickly!
Beautiful card from the caring, friendly staff at the Green Apple./ Thank you all, especially Sunny who quietly keeps me motivated and has spurred me on to improved strengths!

It is messages from you that keep us motivated and we need to be inspired as much as any member. If you have a story to tell, and we all do, then put pen to paper and share it. We love to read about your successes and even failures that have inspired you to work harder and smarter. Do share your story and let us put it in the newsletter to help others in their journey.

Exciting news! The new Arm Ergometers that we ordered from the States nearly six months ago have finally arrived and will be installed 9:30am on Tuesday June 13. The equipment suppliers will come at 11am to train all the technical Team Sunny, Bridie, Tiffany, Darrol, Loretta, Katrina, Christina, Joyce, Charlotte and Barbara in the peculiarities of this type of Arm Ergometer. If you have been using the current arm ergometers you may need to be shown how to transfer to the new ones. I will ask Brian to leave the “old” ones in the courtyard for a week or two so we can facilitate the transition easily.

Do you know anyone who would like access to a down-to-earth psychologist? Lisa Johnson is coming on board at Green Apple and she is very keen to make a difference in people’s lives so she will fit in here beautifully. Please enquire at Reception for more information and we will provide a pathway for you to access Lisa.

Finally I want to let you know that Christina is amending her Tuesday and Thursday class schedule so she can be available to you for a “new program” appointment if you need one after work. On Tuesday and Thursday night, Christina will now be available to see you at 7pm.

The classes format from Tuesday June 13 will now be:

Tuesday night

5:30pm HIIT (with Boxing)

6pm Stretch (With myofascial release/relaxation)

Thursday night

5:30pm HIIT (not Boxing)

6pm Barre Concept (Thighs, Buns & Tums if no Christina)

6:30pm Stretch (30 min)

Come and enjoy!

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