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The Weekly Bite – March 9 2018 – Issue 2267

Hi All

Have you ever considered having coaching as part of your Green Apple journey?  I am a great believer in doing everything really well (I was brought up with the saying, “If you are going to do something do it well or don’t do it at all!) and this applies to how I do my exercise and even how I hold myself posturally.  I can’t see any point in exercising with a poorly positioned body and using incorrect technique.  My skills did not happen over night.  It has taken years and years of refining what I do, “Sharpening my Saw” as Stephen Covey would say.  So, it is with delight that I share the following with you.

When Joyce Gasking came on board at Green Apple as our Yoga Instructor and then as a fully qualified Fitness Professional, she wanted to hone her skills in strength and cardiovascular work on the gym floor.  She turned to Darrol for paid coaching (Personal Training for half an hour every week).

I want to share the email Joyce sent to Darrol this week.  It really says it all.

“Hi Darrol,

Just letting you know I pulled up really well after my PT yesterday so was good to know that feeling under par from that power cut had no effect on my training.

Also, my right leg is much more stable and feels stronger lately. Could be a coincidence but seems to be since I’ve been back on the back extension.

I notice too, that I’m finding farm chores much easier due to being stronger e.g. a couple of farm gates have chains that are too short and I need to push the gate in hard towards the post to open and close. Takes muscle to do this. Previously I would ‘curse, ‘but now I just push the gates in and open and close them without thinking.

I am convinced that my PTs are enabling me to manage my acreage on my own and so are giving me my future.   

Thanks for your meticulous care in designing my programs and recording my progress each week. You push me which I need and make me feel safe at the same time.”

We all need coaching in technique, some times more often than others.   The value you will get back from any coaching, whether from Exercise Physiologists or long term  Team members, Darrol, Barbara, Katrina or Loretta, will amaze you.  And Joyce would love to share the expertise she now has in this area.  Think about your current progress and whether you need some extra help to achieve more.  If you have coaching with one of the Exercise Physiologists and you have a private health fund you will be able to access the rebate.





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