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The Weekly Bite – May 15 2017 – Issue 2225

Hi All,

It is always interesting talking with members because it alerts me to the real community issues that the Green Apple can be helping with. As I always say, the solution to so many areas of concern or problems is to know what needs to be done and then to just do it. Sometimes we know what has to be done and we don’t want to do it eg managing our diet to meet our health needs or our weight management issues. Or it could be to do our prescribed exercises three times weekly and we get lazy or we fill our life with other things. However, sometimes we really don’t know what is the best action to take and we might be doing “something” but it is a bit of a waste of time because it is taking us nowhere fast.

In the past 39 years I have trialled many, many ways to help people achieve the best possible outcomes. This is why we have the staff we have, and why we have invested in the equipment we have, also why we have chosen to provide the group classes – both strength and aerobic – and the courses and workshops. Everything you see at Green Apple and every service that has been set up over the years is the result of recognising a community need.

If you want to stay current in what Educational Courses and Workshops are available, see at Reception for the full year schedule. This will explain what is on, why we provide it, when etc. The other resource available to you is the weekly hardcopy newsletter (as per this one you are reading) and also the E-Newsletter that comes out to you by email once monthly. These newsletters are not the same. The monthly newsletter goes out to the community in general and it is compiled a little differently from the one you can collect in Reception, which is more personalised and pertinent to Green Apple members.

The Prostate Awareness Workshop starts this weekend, Saturday 13. Brian very kindly (or bravely?) agreed to let me write his prostate cancer journey up as editorial in the Bayside Star and for those of you who don’t receive this free local paper, we publish it here also for your interest.

Bayside Star – Workshop shares knowledge on prostate problems

Our prostate cancer journey was totally unexpected. My husband Brian has no symptoms to warn us of the impending surgery and all the accompanying medical appointments and diagnostic testing.

“Your PSA reading is up a little,” said the doctor. “We can wait for six months and see how we go or I can send you off to a specialist.”

“Don’t wait six months. Book an appointment now,” I said.

At the specialist’s surgery the same comment was made: “The PSA reading is not very high; we could wait and see for a few months.”

“Don’t wait and see. Let’s get further testing,” I said.

So a prostate biopsy was arranged and I think it surprised, or should I say shocked, us all when the Gleason Score came back as 5/5 and 4/5 giving Brian a total Gleason Score of 9/10. Scary stuff which meant imminent surgery.

So the real journey began. I look back at what Brian went through at the time and I feel we were so blessed because we had an understanding of what we could do to minimise the stresses which accompany any surgery for a life-threatening condition.

We had a wonderful surgeon. We have contacts that we could call on for the latest information on pelvic floor exercises to do prior to and post-surgery. We were fit and strong which meant Brian was an excellent candidate to put under the knife and under an anaesthetic.

Today Brian has minimal symptoms as a reminder of the surgery. He is strong, fit and fully functional.

At the Green Apple Wellness Centre in Bald Hills we want to share our knowledge on men’s prostate and potential problems. It is information that every man and every couple should have, just in case.

We will be conducting a three-session workshop on this topic starting Saturday, May 13. One hour sessions will be provided and the total fee for the three sessions is $33 per person. Book on 3261 1249.

If this workshop interests you and you have missed the first session, book in to do the two other sessions Saturday May 20 and 27.

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