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The Weekly Bite – May 22 2017 – Issue 2226

Hi All,

I am writing this prior to the Green Apple Social Committee (and supporters) Biggest Morning Tea event. Planned for Monday May 22, I know that there have been over 60 people booked in to attend and that the guest speaker from the Cancer Council is Melanie Robson. I also know that there will be an amazing array of homemade goodies including Cora’s famous pickles and jams. If you are reading this on Friday May 19, or Saturday May 20, it is not too late to plan to attend.

Have you checked out the Social Committee noticeboard lately. It is the big display board out in the back courtyard and there is so much to see and share.

We have had another postcard from our travelling Team Member Libby. She writes:

“Greetings from Western NSW!

Just returned from FILEX in Sydney with Loretta and Cherryle. We learned lots of exciting new things to challenge us all anew! Can’t wait to share with you. Now heading to the Flinders Ranges for a walk with friends.



Check out the noticeboard in Reception for the up and coming Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle (HEAL) course and the two workshops, one in June on Osteoporosis and Muscle Wastage (sarcopenia) and then in August, the Anxiety and Depression workshop with Joyce.

We have a psychologist coming on board with us, Lisa Johnson, and she is planning to conduct individual sessions as well as a course for people eligible on a Mental Health Plan. Lisa’s primary interest is health and lifestyle counselling so she is very interested in helping any Green Apple member who wants to achieve their goal (this could be weight loss or commitment to exercise) who needs help to develop strategies and remove blocks to progress. If this interests you please send me an email so I know what services Lisa needs to develop within the Green Apple.

The new Yoga class at 6:30pm has been well received and Joyce tells me that her plan is to keep the Wednesday class fresh and a little different for the people who want to do Yoga twice weekly, on both Saturday and Wednesday but that she will also be very ready to have any new participants in class. At present Joyce has approximately 8 people in her Wednesday group and she has space available for more. There is a fee of $18 for non-members and $6.50 for members for this class. It is a specialty class and it might just be what you are looking for to provide the stretching and mindfulness in your life. Our Yoga people tell me that they feel so much more “centred” and relaxed after they have done Joyce’s class.

Would you like a “learning” class for any of our Group class sessions? Are you loath to go to classes because you don’t feel fit enough or maybe you just don’t know what they are all about so you just don’t try them? I am keen to know how you feel about this. If I know that there is enough interest I will arrange a “learning” class with a very basic taste of Step, and any other classes that will give you a better idea of what they are all about. I’d be happy to do this on a Sunday afternoon, possibly 4pm. Would you come?

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