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Weekly Bite – Monday July 6, 2020—Issue 2371

Hi All

It is fantastic seeing so many familiar faces coming back through the door.

There may be new procedures we all need to observe but at the end of the day we are now able to move freely about the whole Centre, to greet old acquaintances and friends (keeping our physical distancing!), to hop on any equipment (using our towels to cover the surfaces we sit and lie on!), to feel protected and safe (because every one of us is using the wipes on the surfaces we have actually touched on every piece of equipment, and regularly using the hand sanitisers available everywhere).

I urge all members to keep up the wonderful efforts made so far. It is this teamwork that is critical to our success in playing our part in the community during this world epidemic of COVID-19.

Some of you are asking about our Group Classes and when they will commence. The only classes available this week are the COVID-19 videos filmed during our closure. We have all these on separate DVDs which can be viewed on the television screen in the Group class area upstairs. You can book this ahead of time and if you have a few of you interested you can space out and do it together.  Alternatively, you can book in when you attend and if there is no-one using the video, you can go up and do your chosen class then.

The instructor led classes will commence next week from Monday July 13 and initially we will have a reduced number of classes available, most of them 30 minutes in duration. You will still have access to the video classes at any other time of day so you can plan how you will mix and match what you want to do. It is probably a good idea to phone us and make sure the room is free to use when you actually want to come in.  Yoga restarts on Saturday July 18 at 8.30am.

During Stage 3 of Coronavirus we will continue to take your temperature on entry and track your entry and exit times so please make sure the Reception staff do this with you. It can be busy at Reception so we will be doing our best to fast track your entry/exit as much as possible.


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PS:  We have enrolled a new Yoga teacher (since Cherie retired) whom I think you will find delightful. More about Sharon Bryce next newsletter. 



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