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The Weekly Bite – November 13, 2017 – Issue 2251

Hi All,

It is wonderful to see the tables filling up fast for the Christmas Party on 25th November.  If you are still considering coming, there are still plenty of seats available so please keep adding your name to spots available on the currently displayed tables.  We will add more tables as necessary.  The Tavernetta has confirmed that they can actually fit in 200 people.  All monies are due in definitely by 15th November (just one week away) so that final numbers can be provided to Tavernetta.  Annie and Nina (Pinky Productions) are so looking forward to being with us.  Together they have combined their two greatest passions in life, people and music, and together with their creative spirit and positive energy, they are an engaging little duo with a lot to give.  We trust that the menu, which is inclusive of gluten free and vegetarian, will appeal to all.  Please do not hesitate to commit to coming if you are on your own as we are all one big Green Apple family and you will be assured of a fun time with the opportunity to make new friendships. 

The Green Apple is excited to be running a new chronic disease prevention program funded by the QLD Government. My Health for Life (MH4L) is a free 6 month course that will help people at high risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes make healthy lifestyle changes.

This program recognises that everyone is different and that having support is a major factor in staying healthy. MH4L has taken a fresh approach to helping people make healthy choices. Maybe yours is finding the motivation and support to get going, while for someone else it’s weight loss or finding a physical activity they enjoy. Sometimes it is just about finding the right headspace to keep on track when life gets in the way.

We focus on teaching you the skills to help get you going, rather than just giving you information about what you should be doing better. As this program is targeted for prevention, it allows people who may not have been previously eligible for EPC referrals to take part. If you have high blood pressure, a history of gestational diabetes, high cholesterol (but not diagnosed with T1DM/T2DM, heart disease, stroke or chronic kidney disease) you are automatically eligible to take part!

If you’re not sure if you’re eligible, we can do a health check for you, or you can hop on the My Health for Life website and take the test yourself (

This program is not just for Green Apple members, so if you have family members, friends or neighbours who it would benefit, please let them know.

We will also be running an information day at 10am Thursday, December 7. If you want to find out more put your name on the list on the Reception Noticeboard.

Brian has asked me to remind you that members need to know that we have a “Members’ Message Book” to enable any member to suggest anything they think important in relation to the Green Apple. If you notice any equipment that needs attention he wants to know about it ASAP. You can also use this to ask anything about any matter and we will take it seriously. If we can’t do what you are asking we will tell you why. If we can, we will do it. 

It has been brought to our attention that some people are spending extended periods on the electric treadmills in busy times. All staff know that the maximum time that they can program for you to use these treadmills is 10 minutes. They can suggest that if you are in the Centre at quiet times and there is no-one on the treadmill next to you (meaning that there is one free to use for anyone else wanting access) that you can use it for longer. So please, whenever you are using any resource within the Green Apple, be thoughtful and considerate. It is part of our business ethic to foster mindfulness of others and we know that this is predominately what happens every day here at Green Apple. 

 Did you know that choosing the original non-electric treadmills were a deliberate choice of mine? They use so many more of your muscles in a functional fashion, especially your gluteal (bottom) muscles. This area of your body is often difficult to engage as well as it could be. If I am using a treadmill at any time during my rehab post bilateral total knee replacements, the Sprint treadmill is my first choice. 

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