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The Weekly Bite – September 11 2017 – Issue 2242

Hi All,

One of our members, Jacinta Jones, will be competing in the International Taekwon-Do Federation World Championships Pyongyang DPRK between September 18 and 22. You may have seen Jacinta training in the gym. She has long auburn hair and puts a lot of effort into what she is doing which is wonderful to see. Jacinta started her training at Green Apple early 2016. Initially Dany worked with Jacinta every week to increase her strength, stamina and power. More recently Bridie has been working to bring Jacinta to cutting edge readiness for the world championships. We all wish Jacinta the absolute best for a successful trip. Regardless of the outcome, just performing at this international level is incredible. Good luck Jacinta!

Are you coming to the Wellness Day this Thursday? You are welcome to bring friends or family to this event however we will need to know how many are coming, so do put your name up on the list in Reception and add your guest’s names too. I will be providing my usual donated time to do seated massage on neck and upper trap muscles. This work is very specific and can be delicate because there are so many nerves and important blood vessels in this area. I would advise that you never have treatment of any sort in this area unless you know the therapist is absolutely competent to provide it to you. I have been working on necks and pertinent upper back muscles for nearly 4 decades. I have also had a spinal fusion in my neck (C6/C7) and understand what I am doing both from a theoretical point of view as well as having experienced the whole gamut of pain, and treatment, myself. So if you would like to see me for 10 minutes this Thursday, it will provide enough time to make a surprisingly significant difference to how you feel and how well you can turn your head. 

Remember to bring a plate to share if you are coming to the Wellness Day. It may be an old-fashioned thing to ask you to do in this day and age but you can never beat good old home cooking. I just love to see the spread you all create when asked to bring a plate!

We are having our Guest Morning Tea this Tuesday and people will be arriving any time from 9.30am. Parking can be a problem when we have big groups coming in so, on the Tuesday and the Thursday, you might like to park at the hotel and walk down to ensure you are not driving around in circles. The Bonny View have always been very patient with Green Apple use of their car park when it has really been needed.

The purpose of our Guest Morning Tea on Tuesday is to provide a preview of what we do here at Green Apple to anyone whom has thought about doing something but not sure where to start. I understand that it can be a bit daunting walking into the Green Apple for the first time. It is venturing into the unknown. Is it a gym? Will I fit in? Why has the doctor sent me here? These are common thoughts of the people I sit down with and it always surprises them that there are other people here who look like them, like everyday people you would see in the street. I am always having to say, we are a Wellness Centre, not a gym. We DO have gym equipment to provide the truly essential strengthening work but we are light-years away from conventional gym culture and philosophies. I am sure you agree with this so I know that if you have friends or family who really need to be doing what you are doing, you will find ways of bringing them in as your guest on a 2 week Guest Pass, or invite them to an activity like the Guest Morning Tea or the Wellness Day. 

Have you filled in your yellow form giving us an update on all your particulars, current address, phone numbers, email address, emergency contact etc. This should have been in your workout card to fill in. For health and safety purposes we need to ensure we have all this up to date. It is particularly important in our situation since we have so many members whom have been referred here by their doctor to address health concerns. 

Have you circled the date Saturday October 7 in your calendar? That is the day you have been invited to attend my 70th birthday party and I am so keen to see you there, even if only to call in to say hello. And if you know someone who used to be part of the Green Apple or knew me in the past, please see Reception to ask for an invitation to come along. I really see this as an opportunity to step outside my business duties and to enjoy the company of people whom have made up my life up until now. Petrina is head honcho organising this so if you want to be part of it, do see her. (And thank you member Gay Gibson for asking what you could do to help because that is what prompted me to add this last paragraph to the newsletter editorial. I was very touched by your offer).

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