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Member Feedback from Michelle Eberle

Good morning Victoria,

Than you so much for your “Talk Time”. It shows you really care about ALL of us who are
spellbound by your Wellness Centre which is of great benefit to so many people.
You have always shown a genuine interest in every ones’s abilities from when you first
meet a prospective new member and whilst they continue to be involved in the many 
activities provided at this Centre.  Your staff show the same interest being attentive to
queries, helping many adjust to often, “first time” exercise programmes, those returning
after a duration away and even those dropping in from time to time. The way in which the
staff work together with this caring of all attendees is a credit to this organisation.  Wherever
I go and, if, I mention, I had been a member for  seven years and then had a break of a 
year, now returning as much as possible during the past 18 months, I have people saying
that they have heard of Green Apple or that they also attend. Many comment on how competently
 and efficiently it is run so I feel as though I am part of a very “special health centre” . 
Since returning, I have experienced the frustrations of lock down and like all of us we do adjust to
this unsettling time with the positive feelings that, when we return we are all greeted individually as 
special and are welcomed, with friendliness. This is reassuring in these times of obeying certain rules
and all the requirements expected to keep us all safe and well. It is indeed, a “”Wellness Centre”.
Your “Talk Time”is appreciated by myself and I am sure all involved are grateful that you keep in touch 
with all of us keeping us up to date as we are all part of “Victoria”s Special Family”.
Your words are uplifting and we all cling to the hope that all will be well and we can have faith that our
exercise programmes are returned again and we are back in an atmosphere which is beneficial to our 
overall health. 
Thank you and your words are always appreciated by myself as I feel all connected to Green Apple 
Wellness Centre would agree with me.
See you at the gym!
Fond regards to you and all staff,
Michele Eberle
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