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Our focus is on “wellness” which means we are asking you to come to us to feel healthier, to feel stronger, slimmer, happier and more alert and to fight the symptoms of ageing.

The Green Apple is a small, independent fitness centre with a focus on wellness. The primary objective is to provide a place where “non-gym” people can exercise in a fun, safe, and non-threatening environment.

The Green Apple opened in 1978 and has developed into a club that has programs for all age groups – from seniors to people as young as 10. Our size allows the Centre to have a strong family feeling where laughter and happy voices echo and enduring friendships are made.


We encourage relationship-building from staff to staff, staff to members and members to members, and all clients have many opportunities to meet both in group activities in the Centre and in social gatherings and trips.

The Centre is registered with Fitness Australia and our experienced staff, representing all age groups and some who have been working at the Centre for more than 30 years, are fully qualified and registered. Their motto is “Inspiring Action”.

Finding out all about you, your past exercise history, your successes and failures with exercise and diet, your current “wishlist” in relation to health, fitness and wellbeing is essential for people starting an exercise routine. This “body-housekeeping” journey is unique to each one of us and this is why so many questions need to be asked and answered. A carefully tailored exercise plan will give you a much better chance of “sticking” to your exercise. Results can only happen when we do!

We do not have loud music or banks of televisions or complicated equipment. Instead we focus on one-on-one care, providing a professional service in a community-friendly environment.

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