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Referral Types

Team Care Arrangements (TCA) and Enhanced Primary Care Plans (EPC)

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Allied Health Professionals available
   -Exercise Physiologists

Type 2 Diabetes Group Education Referral
At the Green Apple, as well as providing one-on-one sessions with the Exercise Physiologist on an EPC plan, we run approved Type 2 Diabetes Group Education courses.

Healthy Eating & Active Lifestyle (HEAL) course
To provide a more in-depth look at how food and your lifestyle choices affect your body. It also provides follow-up for type 2 diabetics who have completed the Type 2 Diabetes Group Education course.        

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Government co-funded or funded programs

Wellness Groups

Lift for Life

Lift for Life is an evidence-based strength training program born out of more than a decade of research by Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. Clinical trials showed an average reduction in HbA1c of 1.2% over a 6-month period, providing irrefutable evidence that increasing and maintaining muscle mass assists with controlling blood glucose in people with Type 2 diabetes.

Purpose: To provide a strength-based exercise class for type 2 diabetics.
 Wednesday and Friday 12 pm 
Cost: 10 sessions for $125

Lungs in Action

Lungs in Action aims to extend the benefits of rehabilitation by providing a safe environment in which those with stable chronic lung disease can maintain physical and social activities. Primarily intended for people who have completed a pulmonary rehabilitation program and are looking to maintain and improve their health and function. However, we also welcome anyone looking to manage other less severe respiratory conditions.

Purpose: To provide a safe class for clients with COPD supervised by specially trained leaders.
Times: Monday & Wednesday 2pm
Cost: 10 sessions for $125 

Steady Steps

Steady Steps is a falls prevention program developed in conjunction with Queensland Health to facilitate better balance, coordination and strength with an emphasis on fun!

Purpose:  To provide appropriate strengthening equipment as well as a safe class for clients with poor balance to practice exercises under the supervision of specially trained leaders.
Times: Tuesday 12 pm & Thursday 1 pm
Cost: 10 sessions for $125 


Heartgrooves is based on the popular Heart Moves program and is a low to moderate intensity exercise program that was developed by the Heart Foundation to assist people to become more active and live a healthy lifestyle despite health challenges.

Purpose: To provide an exercise group class for clients who may have multiple chronic conditions, which will also provide safe follow-up exercise for post cardiac surgery rehabilitation programs.
Times: Monday 12pm, Tuesday & Friday 1pm
Cost: 10 sessions for $125 

Stay Strong Longer

Stay Strong Longer is a class for people whom have had their exercise customised to their needs, which can be done in a supervised group.

Purpose:  The Saturday session suits time-poor, working people who only want one session a week, using strength equipment, cardio equipment etc.
Times:  Thursday 12pm & Saturday 8am
Cost:  10 sessions for $125


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