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The Green Apple has been helping people achieve their goals since 1978 and now has multiple pathways and programs on offer depending on your time availability, your budget and whether you need more (or less) personal support.

How do I book my FREE Initial Consultation?

The first step in your journey is to phone 07 3261 1249 to book your one-on-one consultation to identify your needs, how we can help, and any costs involved.
The main pathways to choose from are:

  • The total-care Lifestyle Wellness Membership
  • The Wellness Strength Classes associate membership
  • The Home Exercise option

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What is the total care Lifestyle Wellness membership?

Prescriptive exercise one-on-one is our specialty, especially for health reasons and medical conditions. Anyone who wants exercise designed specifically for their body with progressive increments will choose this option.

This tailored, structured program worked out for you provides you with proper direction towards your specific health goals, weight loss, a stronger body, increased confidence.  It will provide you with:

  • Programming specific to your needs and your ability
  • Comprehensive one-on-one induction process
  • A program review/update every 8 weeks 
  • Inclusion in the small supervised strength groups where required
  • Unlimited access to the Centre
  • Access to Group Classes if deemed appropriate including Aqua, Stretch, Pilates at no extra cost
  • Attendance at any Wellness Strength classes activities at no extra fee
  • Members’ rates on many other services

Benefits of Lifestyle Wellness:

  • Identifying the support and help YOU need 
  • Provision of a personalised client-care service
  • The most FLEXIBLE option

Induction Process

Requires three one-on-one sessions.
Three one-on-one sessions with the Exercise Physiologist for the purpose of developing a tailored program and teaching the correct use of equipment.

Cost per session:  
Session 1 –  60 mins         
$115 (EPC: $58.30 rebate PHF: Gap payment  Self funded: $115)
Session 2 –  30 mins          $ 70  (EPC: $58.30 rebate  PHF: Gap payment  Self funded: $70)
Session 3 –  30 mins          $ 70  (EPC: $58.30 rebate  PHF: Gap payment  Self funded: $70)

Care Plan referrals from doctor (EPC): Upfront payment first, then $58.30 Medicare rebate processed
Private Health: $70 (gap only), Self funded: $70


Total care Lifestyle Wellness Membership Weekly Cost

  • $35.50 weekly.   This service is paid direct debit as a double payment, every fortnight.

What is the Wellness Strength Classes associate membership?

Our Wellness Strength classes are group sessions scheduled regularly throughout the week and provide you with an alternative pathway to full membership at the Green Apple.

This option provides a ‘budget’ service and is not designed to provide the level of individual care provided in a full membership.

You will, however, have a program tailored to your needs and your current physical ability which you will be able to do within a supervised group setting on specific days and times each week.

We recommend you attend twice weekly for one hour if you enrol in this program.

Our Wellness Strength Groups include: 

  • HeartGrooves – Multiple chronic conditions and health concerns 
  • Steady Steps – Falls prevention 
  • Lungs in Action – Lung dysfunction and COPD 
  • Lift for Life – Type 2 Diabetes group strength training

Induction Process

Requires two to three one-on-one sessions with the Exercise Physiologist for the purpose of developing a tailored program for you, and teaching the correct use of equipment specific to the chosen Wellness Program prior to joining a small supervised group.

Cost per session: Care Plan referrals from doctor (EPC): Bulk Billed
                               Private Health: $58 (gap only), Self funded: $58

Time:  30 minute appointments

Ongoing Costs

This service has been developed as a “user-pays” option and provides an Attendance Card which is signed off each time you attend your class.

  • The 10 session Clipcard fee is $125

What is the Home Exercise option?

Exercise to do at home may be your chosen pathway.

We cater for this service because: 

  • You may be training at a gym that provides no specialised programming and you want to have your program designed for you to do at your chosen exercise venue.
  • You may live in a place where you have no access to a gym, or live too far away from the Green Apple to attend.
  • You may have been referred by your doctor and require a bulk billed option with no further expense.
  • You may live in a regional or rural area and want to access our HomeHealth online programming service, to be able to exercise in the comfort of your own home with your own allocated Green Apple trainer.

    Induction Process

    This will depend on whether you are a doctor’s referral or a private client with a very specific need.

    All Care Plan patients with an Enhanced Primary Care plan, referred by a doctor, will have bulk billed sessions with the Exercise Physiologist.

    All private clients choosing this pathway will have an Induction process and fees tailored to whatever type of service you require.  Private Health fund rebates are available.

    Ongoing Costs

    If there are ongoing costs in relation to these external exercise options, we will discuss this with you at your Initial Consultation.

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