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Move With Women

Did you know the Green Apple Wellness Centre originally started as a women’s gym by Victoria Gill back in 1978? We get women, and we understand how camaraderie and having training buddies can make exercise easier to stick to and more fun to do.

Move with Women is a free 9 week program created by women, for women. Each week will consist of a 1 hour group exercise class just for women.

What will I get from the 9 week program?

Aside from fun, friendship, better health and wellness, women have said they feel more confident, proud, energised and happy all within a supportive environment. You will get a workout, nutrition advice, relaxation and wellness tips and friendship with like-minded women.


Why Move with Women?

The classes are designed to be lots of fun.

Lose yourself in the enjoyment of physical exercise.

Meet like-minded women from all backgrounds.

Time out for your own well-being.

Gain a sense of accomplishment.


What are sessions like?

“I was expecting a simple training program and I now have some great friends…the exercises were tailored to meet my needs and I didn’t have to do anything that felt uncomfortable for me or my body, I felt very well looked after and supported.”

Alana, 32


How do I get started?

We’re excited you’re considering making exercise a part of your daily life.

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