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Exercise Classes for Seniors

Exercise classes for people over 50 years should have an element of fun.

I have owned Green Apple since 1978 and have exercised all my life. People ask me how I have been
able to keep it up all these years. The answer is quite complex really. I usually say that I want to feel
good rather than just look good.

These days I exercise not only to feel good but to stay as functional as possible as the years roll on.
Exercise classes for Seniors at Green Apple include:

  • Strength groups using special equipment (Heartgrooves, Lungs in Action, Lift for Life)
  • Water groups (Aquarobics)
  • Flexibility (Stretch classes, Yoga, Pilates)
  • Balance (Steady Steps)
  • Mind and Body connection (Meditation)
  • Exercise to Music (Easybeat, Step)

Look after your body in the company of others who want to say fit and active.

Here is a testimonial from a member of the Green Apple Wellness Centre, Desley Morrison, a member since 2009

My Nine Year Journey

The staff at Green Apple have taught me that fitness and a good lifestyle are just as important when I am facing my issues than when I’m feeling great. They have encouraged me to try new activities, like yoga and Tai Chi, and they give me programs to help me meet my goals.

Today I have improved balance, better posture, better health generally and less pain from the osteoarthritis in my knee. The improvements in my knee have meant the most to me. I am now walking up and down stairs better and I have learnt to tell my brain my knee doesn’t hurt and to keep going.

Sticking to my exercise, my diet and my regular massage have all played a part in this amazing journey.

To everyone who reads this, I hope you are inspired to get the most out of your visits. The staff at Green Apple are very obliging and willing to help.

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