• Why do we need strength training?

    11th May, 2022 | by Victoria Gill

    One of my clients, John, had retired at 65 and felt driven to come and talk about his exercise needs because of something that had happened to him. John had lived the life of a very busy executive for 40 years with most of them spent sitting in a chair somewhere in the world. On… Read more »

  • Social Benefits of Exercising With Others

    14th April, 2022 | by Victoria Gill

    Research tells us that if you are regularly participating in exercise around like-minded people you will have better physical wellness, mental health and emotional well-being. At the Green Apple the social interaction plays a huge part in the results people can get just from being in the same area of the Centre, or in the… Read more »

  • To Fuel or not to Fuel That is the question!

    21st March, 2022 | by Victoria Gill

    World events leading to a significant fuel crisis and the escalating costs of petrol and diesel had me thinking about potential alternatives and also health-benefitting opportunities. One question I have asked myself is how can members continue to come to Green Apple without burning a hole in their pocket. And I came up with an… Read more »

  • Have You Tailored Your Diet Based on Your Age?

    21st February, 2022 | by Victoria Gill

    Just as our body has special needs in relation to our exercise, based on what decade we are in, our body also needs dietary modifications as we age. There is a lot written about exercise for “older adults”, “over 65s”, “seniors” but gaining a really good understanding of what foods we should include in our… Read more »

  • Four Steps to Boosting Your Immune System

    25th January, 2022 | by Victoria Gill

    If there is one major change in society currently it is our awareness of picking up “germs”.  Germs are tiny little body-invaders that can cause sickness and disease. Germs can be bacteria, viruses, fungi or protozoa and they love making a home in our body through any entry portal they can find.  Viruses like COVID… Read more »

  • Water Exercise Before and After Surgery

    18th November, 2021 | by Victoria Gill

    Let me confess, before I tell you about the wonderful benefits of using water for exercise purposes, I am definitely not a water-baby!  Unlike many people who have grown up on the coastline of Australia, I don’t even consider water as a “fun” recreational activity. Perhaps the fact that I nearly drowned as a toddler… Read more »

  • The Magic of Fascia and Biotensegrity

    6th September, 2021 | by Victoria Gill

    FASCIA wends and winds it’s way throughout all of our body and yet it is seldom mentioned as an important part of our anatomy, or seen as functionally essential in many medical fields. In fact some people have never heard of it and when you mention the word “fascia”,  they say “what’s that??” I became… Read more »

  • Resolving Back Pain with Bottom Massage

    18th August, 2021 | by Victoria Gill

    When back pain starts to affect your activities of daily life and flow over into your recreational time, or even disrupt your sleeping time, you may turn to different solutions. The doctor may provide pain medication and muscle relaxants. The physiotherapist may use tens machines, ultrasound and joint mobilisation. The chiropractor may adjust the skeletal… Read more »

  • Shoulder Surgery, Exercises and Massage

    10th June, 2021 | by Victoria Gill

    The shoulder joint is so complex that it requires a complex management strategy if surgery is needed to help get the best outcomes.  The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint like the hip joint and since they have different functions, the shoulder joint needs to have a laxity that the hip joint doesn’t… Read more »

  • Sensational – My Green Apple Journey

    10th June, 2021 | by Green Apple Wellness

    End of March 2019 It began, this sensational Green Apple journey. What an extra special journey it has been and I am positive that it will continue. Overweight and depressed I met with Victoria then onto Sunny showing me through the gymnasium and then a meeting with Darrol my gym buddy. Given my exercise program… Read more »