Why choose personal training with an exercise physiologist?

Exercise Physiologists are Allied Health professionals who hold a four-year university degree and specialise in exercise for the prevention and management of chronic diseases. They are experts in tailoring exercise programs that work with your chronic condition and with their extensive knowledge, can help improve many aspects of your life.

Each of our Exercise Physiologists are hand picked based on their skills and each has different experience, allowing a broad range of chronic conditions to be treated at the Green Apple Wellness Centre.



Why choose a Green Apple personal trainer?

Your Green Apple Personal Trainer is your mentor and coach. Your Personal Trainer will work with you by setting achievable goals. They will help motivate you to ensure you get results.

Our highly skilled, experienced Exercise Physiologists and Fitness Professionals are dedicated to prescribing the best individualized exercise programs to meet your goals. All sessions are conducted in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

We have a range of 4 year degree qualified Exercise Physiologists and TAFE qualified Fitness Professionals to meet your needs. You can choose the trainer that best suits you.

Our Exercise Physiologists are all registered for Private Health Fund rebates, claimable on the spot through HICAPs. Only pay the gap on individual sessions!



Despite a Shattered elbow – Darrol came to the rescue!

I am Elke Rabius and I have been a member of the Green Apple for a few years.

I had a fall and shattered my left elbow, I was in and out of the hospital for a few days before settling down at home with a heavy plaster cast on my left arm. It is pretty boring, but I knew that I would not be able to go to the gym and be able to do my program.

I started again with half hour walks in the morning and I even had a few dances at line dancing.

I booked an appointment with Darrol for a new program. I was amazed at all the exercises I could do. Darrol tried the machines with one hand, as I am one handed for now, before I performed the task. He was very careful and considerate. I was happy to be back at the Green Apple with my husband and all the friends there to get a safe and good workout.

Thanks for the help Darrol my personal trainer and crew.

Kind Regards

Elke Rabius

Friends Tell Me I Should Have Been a Detective!

I have been a member of the Green Apple for only seven months and I want to congratulate you on the professionalism of your staff. It is a credit to you and to them.

Right from the first visit I was welcomed by Margy who knew exactly what papers I needed to sign before beginning my program. Obviously, she had been informed that I was starting on that particular day and all was ready. She has always been friendly, encouraging and helpful. In fact, this applies to all staff. I have found that staff know of the running of the place and the future programs planned.

I appreciate the cleanliness of the areas and the equipment. I am a bit of a pain when it comes to noticing detail (friends tell me I should have been a detective) and the place is always spotless.

Last week I enquired about a change in my program as I have developed a spur on my heel. I was encouraged to make an appointment with my buddy, Darrol, and after some discussions with one of his colleagues he was very helpful with setting new exercises. Nothing was too much trouble even to writing some suggestions on paper so that I could attend to them at home.

In this day and age sometimes, the professionalism of businesses can be lost, however this is not the case here. I continue to be surprised when I am at the Green Apple and no doubt will continue to enjoy how well your organisation is run.

Warm regards,

June Easte


My Exercise Physiologist Emma is a friendly, caring with a good sense of humour who designed my program and tailors sessions to my needs in strength and fitness. Regular diet advice is also provided. Sessions especially aqua classes are varied and enjoyable.

My blood pressure is back to normal and I no longer have back pain and my weight is reduced. My doctor is pleased with changes and advises me to continue attending.

George Robinson


I Wish to convey my thoughts about the Green Apple Wellness Centre and the Exercise physiologists on staff. Unfortunately at age 87 I found that I need a hip replacement. The aftermath of which needed careful management. Lucky for me, what better place could I get the help needed, in my case from Sunny the Exercise Physiologist. Every time I see him, twice a week, his first words are always “how are you, are you in pain”. I give him my report and he is then able to give me advice and an exercise that will help me rectify the problem. Nothing seems to phase him, in fact “he has an answer for everything” and I report that in the most favourable and thankful way. If anyone is troubled with bodies that are causing problems that cannot, or you do not wish to cover up with drugs…

Beryl Boyd

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