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About the Green Apple

At the Green Apple Wellness Centre we are proud of our high level of care for clients in terms of providing the guidance and support to help them adhere and comply to their prescriptive exercise.

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Our Initiation Process
Client comes in for an initial consultation to assess their needs and barriers to exercise.
Client has a consultation with an Exercise Physiologist and is prescribed appropriate exercises.
Client is inducted into their exercises by the Exercise Physiologist during one-on-one sessions.

Once the induction sessions are completed, the client is assigned a buddy (person responsible for ongoing regular exercise programs and one who will be following up with the client in regards to goal achievement, anthropometric measures and motivational sessions).

The Exercise Physiologist sends an initial completed report to the referring party with all the assessment data and reports on the outcome of the induction sessions.

Subsequent Care: The Exercise Physiologist conducts a comprehensive hand over to Exercise Professionals. The client’s fitness goals and actual progress are reviewed every 6-8 weeks, subsequent programming reflecting the outcomes. Supports are personalised and customised
allowing staff to connect with clients to help them achieve successful outcomes.

Evidence of Results: Documented evidence and subjective evidence providing information in relation to clients with acute and chronic health issues in terms of pain relief, strength improvements and fitness improvements, weight loss.

Variety & Special Interests: Clients are given maximum opportunities to assess information from education at courses on specific health issues, talks from health professionals from various disciplines and support groups.

Other aspects of the Green Apple Wellness Centre:

  • Sustainable support via provision of affordable gym programs and group strength options
  • Welcoming, friendly , supportive. Orientated towards people who are not gym people
  • Staff experience of over 30 years working in the health and fitness Industry
  • Average time staff have been at Green Apple is 15 years and the average time of members is 10 years

The Green Apple Centre encourages Self Management in a Supportive Environment

To help "willing" people achieve extraordinary health outcomes

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About Victoria

On a personal basis, Victoria Gill was inducted into the Industry Roll of Honour recognising her as an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the fitness industry in Australia. 

The Board of Directors of Fitness Australia approved the induction of seven men and one  woman (Victoria Gill) as people whose contribution to the development of contemporary Fitness Australia has been significant.

The strong wellness direction at the Green Apple has provided specific services in response to medical referrals, including Steady Steps, Heartgrooves, Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), Lift for Life and Lungs in Action, Falls Prevention courses and education courses such as the T2D course and Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle (HEAL) course.


The Green Apple has a fully equipped gym floor with equipment that is also Baby Boomer and senior friendly, and suitable for children from 6 years old.

Group classes are conducted not only in the pool and in the Group Class room, but also in small supervised strength equipment areas.

The Centre layout is open and environmentally friendly.



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