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Q. I have never been a gym person yet my doctor tells me I have to do some weights for my bones. How can I overcome my fear of this?

A. Most of the members at the Green Apple felt the same way before they started. Very few of our members have ever been to a gym before so we have set up a comprehensive starting process.

Q. I have put on 20kg in the last 2 years. I am now 85kg and I feel very embarrassed. I want to join a gym but I am scared that I will be the butt of jokes. What can you suggest?

A. We have many members who are over 100kg and no-one laughs at them. In fact, the other members are very supportive of their efforts.

Q. All my friends go to a gym but I know I won’t fit in. They wear the sort of clothes that I know I would look awful in. Even though I am only 21, and won’t need some of your courses for oldies I think I will be compatible at your centre. Do you have other young people like me using your gym?

A. We sure do! Our webpage might give you the wrong idea if you think that we only have programmes for seniors. The Green Apple is really for people who don’t consider themselves hard-core gym people, of all ages and sizes. You definitely don’t need designer clothes – just something sensible and comfortable.

Q. I want my husband to join too, but he thinks you only have women there. We are in our mid 30’s – are there other men of that age training there?

A. We started off in 1978 as a female only gym but in 1982 we became a mixed gender gym because so many husbands and boyfriends wanted to train in our gym. We are not a body-building gym so if your husband is doing this competitively he will be better off joining another gym. However, we all use weights here – both males and females – and we have male members of all ages.

Q. I have tried a lot of gyms and go really well for a while but then things happen and I just drop out. What could you do to stop this happening?

A. We can only stop it happening if we know what is causing you to drop out. We do a program review with you every eight weeks and this really helps us solve problems together that might cause you to drop out if they were not addressed.

Q. I want some more information about what you do and advice you have. Where is a good place to start?

A. Head over to our blog section where you can read about various different topics. You’ll be sure to find something useful there!

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