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How do I refer patients to Green Apple Wellness Centre?

Getting your patients started with Green Apple Wellness Centre Exercise Physiologists is easy.

Step One

Patients can be referred to Green Apple Wellness Centre using a Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan or Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC).

Step Two

Once we have received the patient’s CDM/EPC referral, we will contact them by phone. Patients can also contact us directly. During this call, we book their initial appointment.

Step Three

Patients will attend an initial one-on-one appointment of 60-minute duration. A consultation is conducted and advice provided regarding the best services available for their needs. A written Wellness plan is prepared after discussion of what the patient chooses to do.

Step Four

Patients attend the Induction Sessions as per the Wellness plan – how many inductions sessions are required will depend on the plan.

Step Five

The Exercise Physiologist will prepare a clinical note and Medicare report, then send this to you electronically.

Step Six

Follow-up sessions are booked based on the patient’s needs.


What is Green Apple Wellness Centre?

The Green Apple Wellness Centre has a team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists who specialise in delivering high-level care for people managing chronic health conditions and wellness concerns, which include chronic pain, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, hip and knee replacements, and other biomechanical dysfunctions.

The primary objective is to provide a place where “non-gym” people can exercise in a fun, safe, and non-threatening environment.

The Green Apple opened in 1978 and has developed into a club that has programs for all age groups – from seniors to people as young as 5.  The Centre has a strong community feeling where laughter and happy voices echo and enduring friendships are made.  Relationship-building is encouraged between staff and staff, staff with members and members with members, and all clients have many opportunities to meet both in group activities in the Centre, or to have individual exercise time if this is their preference.  The environment encourages adherence and compliance to individual’s health outcomes.

Liaisons with referring doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and podiatrists are encouraged for best patient outcomes. 

Health Professionals available

  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Dietitians
  • Clinical Massage Therapists

We accept Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plans and Enhanced Primary Care Referrals (EPC), NDIS referrals, and DVA referrals

DVA Referral Form Type 2 Diabetes Group Education Referral Form

General Referral Form for Patients Green Apple Wellness Centre Patient Information

Green Apple Wellness Centre Benefits

Aerobics Class Katrina and Barb

Green Apple provides tailored exercise programs based on health history, current health goals and needs.

Costs depend on level of service required

Some of Green Apple Wellness Centre Exercise Physiologist services are fully bulk billed and some have a gap payment. With CDM plans/EPC referrals, patients can access a maximum of five sessions with an exercise physiologist each calendar year.

Home Programs

Fully Bulked Billed on an EPC referral 30 mins one-on-one session with an Exercise Physiologist.  Available also on a Private Health Fund gap payment or self-funded session.

Wellness Group Classes – HeartGrooves, Steady Steps, Lungs in Action, Lift for Life, and Veterans

Bulk billed tailored individual Induction sessions into these classes with an Exercise Physiologist if on an EPC/CDM plan.

The easy pay system to attend the supervised group sessions once the Induction has been completed requires a fee only when attending class. 10 session Attendance Cards $125.

Platinum Wellness Membership

This Platinum Wellness Membership is a total-care service for those patients who need that extra full care for chronic conditions and for clients who take their health and wellness seriously and want ongoing “prescription” exercise. These members are encouraged to attend onsite regularly and we have a range of small supervised sessions throughout the week to help with compliance and adherence to their exercise.

Charlotte and Joyce

Exercise Classes for Seniors and All Ages

Exercise classes for people of any age should have an element of fun and we want our clients to feel good rather than just look good. We want our clients to stay as functional as possible as the years roll on.

Exercise classes at Green Apple include:

  • Strength Wellness Group Classes using special equipment (HeartGrooves, Lungs in Action, Lift for Life)
  • Balance Wellness Group Class (Steady Steps)
  • Water groups (Aquarobics, Group Hydrotherapy)
  • Flexibility (Stretch classes, Yoga, Pilates)
  • Mind and Body connection (Yoga, Pilates)
  • Exercise to Music (Aerobics, Easybeat, Step, Body Sculpt)

Group classes allow participants to look after their body in the company of others who want to say fit and active. Social interaction like this has mental and emotional benefits.

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Wellness Quiz

Let’s learn about your health goals!

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