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What is Personalised Programming?

When you become a member at the Green Apple you receive a personalised program from one of our fully qualified staff. Your personalised program is a carefully planned exercise plan specifically designed to meet your needs and goals and taking into consideration your likes and dislikes.

At the The Green Apple, a program review is provided every eight weeks as part of the service. These one-on-one sessions are essential if you want to get results without injuries or you want to avoid being disappointed with your progress.

We ask you to answer a brief questionnaire before each new program-planning session which helps us understand what you are thinking and once we have listened to you we are able to continue to tailor your exercise to your current needs.

Personalised programming at the Green Apple differs from Personal Training. The regular eight week reprogramming provides progressive overload and different activities over a period of time to work towards the short-term and long-term goals, whereas Personal Training provides individual session benefits of technique advice and fine-tuning your exercises with the focus on inspiring you to positive actions towards your goals.



This “new” program which is designed during your eight weekly review is usually made up by your appointed Buddy. The time allocated for this session is included in your membership fees because we want to give you the best chance of succeeding in your health and fitness journey.

Personal Training differs from your regular eight weekly program review. It attracts an additional fee and can be used during the eight weeks between reprogramming to provide individual sessions of specific coaching to work towards the best outcomes possible. Not everyone feels confident to increase the intensity of their exercise by using a greater resistance in their strength work or increasing the level of intensity in their cardiovascular work. Your Personal Trainer will know when, how and what to do to help you progress at an efficient pace. Some people want personal training on a weekly basis to have this regular guidance. Other people like to have a personal training session in week three and week six of their program to be sure they are doing it all correctly and to have supervision when they increase their weights and their cardiovascular effort.

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