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Mobile Green Apple NDIS Service

Who is this service for?
This service is for clients who have a current NDIS plan, seeking exercise physiology services delivered in their home environment or, if appropriate, a combination of home visits plus onsite visits (to the Green Apple Wellness Centre) for special equipment or pool work.

This NDIS service requires the client to have funding in either of the following  supports.  

  1. Improved Health and Wellbeing 
  2. Improved Daily Living Skills  

This service is particularly for those who want to maintain and improve their functionality in order to perform everyday tasks, improve mobility, strength and quality of life.  

Prior to commencement, an Initial Consultation and Assessment with the Exercise Physiologist will determine what type of activities and exercises may be involved in the client’s treatment.  

What will the Mobile NDIS Service involve? 
This service involves an Exercise Physiologist attend the client’s home to prescribe and monitor exercises to address the client’s disability and improve their function and quality of life. All exercises are tailored specifically to the client’s needs, using equipment brought from the Green Apple Wellness Centre as well as utilising any equipment the client may have.

The ultimate goal of these sessions is to make them as enjoyable as possible for the client, improve the client’s confidence and empower them to improve their function  and enhance their quality of life.  

The sessions will in turn lead to a combination of outcomes including improved posture, joint stability, mobility, stamina and overall strength to execute everyday tasks independently. 

What will be the cost? 
The cost of the sessions will align with the NDIS pricing guides.  

1 hr session: $166.99 + travel (shorter sessions may be considered if appropriate)

Travel: $166.99/hr + $0.85/km travelled 

All costs will be agreed and outlined in the Service Agreement.

Why choose this service? 
The Mobile Green Apple NDIS Services allows the client to choose their preferred consultation site. If the session is delivered in the comfort of their home, the familiarity of the environment allows the client to focus on what the Exercise  Physiologist is doing with them. Unnecessary stress is minimalised, these potential stresses may include travelling to an appointment, client mood shifts and client fatigue issues.  

We CARE about each individual client and want to be able to help more people enjoy their life.  

How do we get started? 

Email Enquiry: [email protected]

Phone Enquiry: Call (07) 3261 1249 to book in for an Initial Consultation with an Exercise Physiologist.  

This Initial Consultation will be one hour long where we will discuss the client’s goals, decide how we will use the funding wisely and make a plan moving forward of what the sessions will involve and how regular they are.  

This Initial Consultation can be held at the Green Apple Wellness Centre or at the client’s home. 

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