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“A Christmas Thank You to all Green Apples”

“A Christmas Thank You to all Green Apples”

One of the biggest pleasures I experience, regularly and often, is when a member tells me about “the wonderful staff” or when they single out one of the Green Apple team to praise, and to share with me the difference that person has made in their life. 

It makes me SO happy because the vision I had four decades ago is being embraced and delivered by some very special people, for a community of very special people.

Have you ever had a good look at the Green Apple website, It shares the full scope of what goes on in the Green Apple world.

One of the things we do when on-boarding new Staff (and we have had several bright, happy faces join the Team this year) is to make them aware of the whole world of what we do, the Medical, rehab, NDIS, WorkCover, DVA etc services that we provide, so they understand the full scope of what they may do within Green Apple.

We have a long history of specialising and fine-tuning our services and now we are the only business providing an integrated hybrid service, successfully integrating a medical model with conventional fitness practices, creating a unique community within the greater community, and providing for a member base who would not be enjoying their life in the way they do if it were not for the dedication of the whole Green Apple team.

Decades ago, I was told I would never be able to access Medicare funding, private health funding, or be able to provide for doctors’ referrals in a “fitness” setting. Well, we do it all, and we are able to provide the gift of better body-functionality, health outcomes, better emotional, and mental health to so many non-gym type people who would never have ventured forth into the fitness world.

We are achieving this together!

First, the Green Apple Team have a passion for supporting each other, and for helping Club Members feel confident and comfortable in the environment. And you can FEEL that team support, and SEE evidence of the care given to clients every day.

And second, Club Members attending Green Apple are very special because they are doing the hard yards, they are putting their body through its paces, sometimes when it would be very easy to take the easy way out and just not turn up. AND they are paying for the privilege of their hard work! WOW!

How many people in the greater community would put their hand up to do this? It does take a special person to take responsibility for their health.

So have a wonderful Christmas, and for those of you who are close enough to be part of our community in Bald Hills, we look forward to seeing you back, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for action in the New Year.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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PS:  See the Christmas/ New Year schedule in this newsletter and do your best to come in often to counteract all the yummy treats!

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