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A Green Apple a Day

A Green Apple a Day…

“What is it that you do here?
The other day I was asked this question by one of the patients referred to us by a local doctor.  I had to explain that, no, we were not an “over-50 gym” even though many of our members are over 50. I explained we are a Wellness Centre as opposed to a “24/7” gym. The biggest difference is that we are able to design exercise programs for people of all ages, sizes and gender who have specific reasons to exercise.
These reasons can range from metabolic conditions like type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, lung and/or heart conditions to biomechanical problems like hip and knee replacements and shoulder repair surgery. The Exercise Physiology team have not only studied this “medicine as exercise” model at university for four years, but they have also been involved in hours and hours of practicum in multiple environments to help them put into practice the theory they have been taught.
What makes the Green Apple really special however is that the Exercise Physiologists work with a team of Exercise Professionals whom have come through the TAFE pathway and who have had a long apprenticeship on the coal face of the gym floor. Clients exercising at the Green Apple have access to the latest expertise in current medical intervention plus the friendliness and fun of a community centre and this is a powerful combination.

“How long have you been here Victoria?”
When I tell people that I have been at the Green Apple since 1978 and that there are other staff here who have been here also for more than 30 years, the comment is “well, you must be doing something right!”
“What has kept you so passionate?”
Every time I start to feel overwhelmed with the depth of health conditions people in the community currently struggle to manage, I have a eureka moment which convinces me of the value of the Green Apple to so many people. These special moments happen when a client tells me their blood pressure has dropped significantly, or they can walk up stairs properly, or that their blood sugar levels are a healthy low, or they have managed the trip to Base Camp at Everest. Others tell me about the pain they have had for years and how the exercise is making this a thing of the past.
In all these messages the main theme is how happy they are about the changes in their life, and they wished they had started earlier.

If you would like to find out more about the Green Apple Wellness Centre in Bald Hills phone 32611249 or email [email protected].


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