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Alternative Health and Exercise Options

Looking for some alternative health and exercise options? If you want to try them out you might: 

  1. Consult an accredited exercise physiologist. A good starting point for your wellness program is a consultation with an exercise physiologist. An exercise physiologist is an expert who has professional accreditation and specialise in prescribing programs suitable for people with injuries or disorders such as diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma, hypertension and many other chronic conditions.  Even if you do not suffer from these conditions but are seeking for ways of becoming healthier and fitter, an exercise physiologist will be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the most appropriate exercise options.
  2. Book a remedial massage session. Therapeutic massage works on the body’s soft tissue, using several techniques to help loosen stiff, tight muscles and joints. If experienced therapists consider that you require more specialised help than remedial massage, Brisbane practitioners such as doctors, physiotherapists and podiatrists can be consulted to ensure that you receive the most appropriate care.
  3. Join one of our Pilates classes. Pilates is a type of controlled movement that helps to enhance the body’s strength, flexibility and tone. Two forms of Pilates – Modern and Classic – are practised at several centres around the country. If you’ve never tried Pilates before, or if you have physical limitations or are undergoing rehabilitation from injuries, Modern Pilates Brisbane-style is a great way to start learning this conditioning exercise. Classic Pilates is more complex, exacting and strenuous than Modern Pilates, and requires a reasonable level of strength and flexibility. 
  4. Practice yoga. Brisbane residents have a choice of a lot of different yoga styles. Look for a centre that will teach a gentle style of yoga in a supportive atmosphere.  In a typical yoga session, you’ll learn stretching exercises to improve flexibility and practice breathing and relaxation techniques to help reduce stress.




To get the most benefit from a health or exercise program you’ll need to invest some time and energy. Because we know how important it is to keep motivated, we strive to make our gym a fun, friendly and relaxed place where you will enjoy regular physical activity in company with people like you who are committed to working towards a healthier lifestyle.

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