• What is remedial massage?

    9th May, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness

    What do remedial massage therapists do? Remedial massage therapists have the ability to discover soft tissue problems using their hands and fingers. Palpation is a special skill that allows a therapist to feel tissue changes and what needs attention. Trained for over 12 months, remedial massage therapists are knowledgeable in many techniques to help release… Read more »

  • The Right Amount of Water to Drink Everyday

    22nd November, 2016 | by Green Apple Wellness

    How can you tell? It’s crass, but the classic way is to see how coloured your urine is. The lighter it is, the more hydrated you are with the best being pale to clear. Sometimes it’s hard to drink water, you may not like the taste or rarely feel “thirsty” but there is a myriad… Read more »

  • Relaxation Tips

    10th November, 2016 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Many of my clients often say that they find it hard to relax. I think that we have the perception that relaxing is easy, however in the modern day, where everyone is going all the time, just finding the time to relax is often very hard and so being able to actually relax often eludes… Read more »