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Christmas Missive to Green Apple Members

Christmas Missive to Green Apple Members

This is the first year that we have resorted to sending you an email at Christmas time instead of our normal massive Christmas post out. I have to tell you that it is not my first choice of communication at this very special time of year however we have so many transitional changes in job-responsibilities, plus the induction of our new faces, going on behind the scenes that some of our traditional business procedures have had to take a back seat.

I had to decide whether it was more important to stick to tradition, or whether to make sure the general day-to-day care within the Green Apple didn’t suffer while important transitions were being made. So, of course, I chose to focus on what we deliver onsite, hence this email.

Whether you are a full Club Member, or an Associate Member attending regular Wellness classes, we have a Christmas gift waiting for you at Reception. You have a choice of gift from three options and Reception team members will help you with this.

We have 29 DIAMOND Members at Green Apple, people who have been here as Full Club Members for more than 20 years!! And whom will be recognised for their loyalty with a special additional gift.

And we have many, many GOLD members whom have been here as Full Club Members for more than 10, but less than 20, years! And they will also receive an additional gift to reward their long-term consistency.

Since we know that Christmas, and the aftermath from Christmas/New Year, can be very stressful for so many reasons, we want to help you stay on track. That is why we have a Christmas Bonus opportunity for you to work towards. Attend at least 20 times between December 18 and February 2 to do your program or attend a Class and you will earn $30 towards any service in the Green Apple eg Massage, Personal Training, Pilates Reformer or PowerPlate, Exercise Physiology consultations/appointments etc.

I think it is more the challenge of filling in your Bonus Card fully that appeals to many members rather than the prize at the end of the challenge.

If you plan to give this a go, collect your card from Reception and have it stapled to the back of your workout card so you never forget to have it signed off when you come in.

We go into the New Year with a fabulous Team, all keen to deliver the best possible care, to work together as a Team to support each other, and to keep developing skills and building their knowledge, both through professional development as well as daily in our workplace as they care for you.

The best Allied Health practitioner, eg your exercise physiologist, or best Medical practitioner, eg your doctor, is not necessarily the one who KNOWS the most, it is the one who CARES and who will do their utmost to help find solutions to your particular concerns.

Investment in training that will benefit members is given high priority at Green Apple and decisions made in 2023 will carry through to 2024. Charlie is into the fourth month of his Clinical Massage Diploma (to enhance his exercise physiology practice), Ben has just completed his BEAT IT training and learnt a lot more about T2Diabetes so he can join Charlie in delivering courses next year, Nathan and Suzzy will complete their advanced Pilates Reformer training by the end of January 2024 and will be able to provide one-on-one sessions on the Reformer for you again.

Jesse has recently graduated with his Batchelor’s degree and now will do his Masters in Exercise Physiology. Congratulations Jesse!

Katrina climbed her mountain and has abundant energy to help you reach your goals in 2024. Well done Katrina!

Since COVID, the world has changed so much and the complexities and compliances within the Green Apple, and the broad base of services we provide from mainstream physical activity to very complex medical cases needing physical activity, has been more and more challenging every year. I want to thank the Team behind the scenes whom are coping with the huge increases in rules, regulations, paperwork, administrative tasks and client management, who support me in my role of keeping on top of everything, who look after the exercise physiologists and exercise professionals and any other “frontline” staff, for their diligence and patience. People like Loretta, Sonya, Nessa and Pat deserve recognition and a big pat on the back.

And other unsung heroes I appreciate so much are Wanda and John, who always endeavour to learn more, and to support the Green Apple vision.

In fact, every single person on the Team has been specially chosen because I know who I want to be working with. I recognise people who really CARE and who see value in working with people like our Green Apple members. These are “staff” who appreciate the opportunity to learn from “clients” and that can be rare in a workplace.

So, we all wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas and hope that we can help with any of the New Year wishes you make. Just remember you are in the top 20 percentile of the Australian population in relation to self-management of your physical well-being. If we could inspire every Australian to make a similar effort, imagine how the national health bill could be redirected!

Any finally, a huge thank you to my husband Brian, because without his everlasting support I might have lost my huge passion long ago. We too are a great Team and that is why I still feel there are many things I want to achieve here at Green Apple.

Our genuine BEST wishes from all of us,

Victoria, Brian, Loretta, Katrina, Nessa, Pat, Gary, Bridie, Sonya, Wanda, Charlie, John, Toni, Nathan, Ben, Jesse, Tristan, Suzzy and Kristen

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