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COVID 19 News #10

Hello Everyone

If you are receiving this email and you prefer not to be receiving them, please let me know and I will take you out of our current Green Apple list.

Sorry, no blog on April 2!  Instead, I sent a message just to our HOLD members about providing you with one of our class videos weekly, on Thursday. If you are on HOLD and paying your HOLD fee of $3.60, you will be given the opportunity to have a class a week to keep you going.  Since we need to systemise this, we cannot provide classes on request, you will all be sent the same video weekly, selecting different types of classes to cater for many tastes and needs.  If you don’t receive the link to your class weekly let me know.

Full paying members enrolled in the new service Health@Home during COVID-19 will receive a class every week day (not Saturday and Sunday!) Nessa continues to video classes of Pilates with Wanda, Easybeat etc with Katrina, Barbell with Brian which will come out to HOLD members next Thursday and to our H@H members sooner than that.
Brian told me to tell you to be creative if you don’t have a bar to lift. There will be a lot of household things, even filled up drink bottles, you can improvise with. And I have to tell you, Brian has sore biceps and possibly other muscles I will discover when I do his massage tomorrow!

Thank you for your continued support and newsy emails to me. I appreciate them oh so much and I am doing my best to answer you all.

Members Marilyn and Len Weatherley write,

 “Hi Victoria,

 Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the enormous effort you and the Green Apple family have put in to keep us all on track with our exercise. It is so important we keep working even though we are unable to attend Green Apple.

 We are enjoying Physiapp with Bridie – she has been so helpful not only with the exercise programme but her computer skills are great. We weren’t quite able to have it all set up beforehand (our lap top wouldn’t play games) so we let her know and she guided us through, then gave us our programmes, which we are now enjoying – it is quite amazing what can be done at home with help.

 We are also enjoying the class video from Nessa – we haven’t done the classes before but if we watch them enough, we may be able to try doing them ourselves when we are stronger. Slow steady steps of course.

 Thank you again to yourself and all the wonderfully talented and caring family at Green Apple. All the very best to you, Brian and your family.

With very kind regards.”

Since we really need to know how you feel about what is going on, a big thanks for this.


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