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COVID-19 News #2

Hello Everyone

I want to thank all of you whom have been so proactive and supportive during this incredible time of transitional change. I believe the changes we all have to make will only enhance how we do things in the future.

The biggest thing we have going for us at the Green Apple is that we can provide exercise “outside” which means it is easier for people to do what they need to if they remain aware of where they are in the Green Apple and keep suitable distances apart. And this is manageable.

For those of you already responding to family concerns and deciding to stay at home we have been working very hard behind the scenes to develop our offsite membership offering.

We are already trialling the home-site service, using phone contact to keep in touch personally (which works because we have a relationship with you that is deeper and more personal than any other Centre I know) plus a method to program exercises for you with visual demonstrations via videos.

Many members have been prepared to keep their membership running as normal and to be included in our offsite program. We are not asking for any of you to fund anything extra towards this, just to keep your membership going if you are no longer going to attend in person so we can continue to bring a bit of sanity into everyone’s life by keeping stability in one aspect of your life, your healthy exercise.

We ask anyone whom has come back from overseas, and whom have had contact with people who have returned from overseas, to stay away from the Centre for the required 14 days.

We ask anyone who currently has a fever, a sore throat or feel unwell from any condition to stay home.

We continue to abide by stringent sanitising standards. We ask everyone to keep their hands away from their face regardless of whether they are wearing gloves or not.

We can get through this with the various options we are opening up for all members. If you have any concerns or ideas, contact me personally on [email protected].

We are all in this together and I need your help to keep us on track in this really important area of our lives. It is not a time to drop our own body-housekeeping efforts and we need to support each other other through it all.

We are even working on a suggestion, from a very innovative member, that we provide a virtual coffee session where we all have our own coffee and connect together via our new offsite service. I think it a fantastic idea!!!

Warm regards

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