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COVID-19 News #3

Hi everyone

The past day since the government gave us (and all fitness centres) notice to close up from midday Monday March 23 has been amazing!

The doors may be closed at Green Apple but the palpable energy behind those doors is teeming with life. Everyone on staff is involved with tasks and responsibilities to roll out our new programs and to source ways we can keep the Green Apple operational.

Programs creating opportunities for you to do something different.
Something that might change your perception of what doing body-housekeeping really means.
Something new to get your teeth into!

So what are we organising and doing and asking questions about?

The main service I am excited to offer is the Green Apple Health@Home program. This is going to give you someone to report to every week. Someone who will help keep your exercise manageable and relevant during this social downtime and someone you will feel accountable to.
And that is the key, being accountable.

All members are being offered enrolment into this program with an allocated trainer (choose from Bridie, Sunny, Charlotte, Katrina,  Loretta or Wanda) who will have phone sessions to make up your home exercise (using an interactive program that you will have access to) and then follow up times weekly. Your membership fee will cover the costs of the service. And you will be amazed at how committed you will feel to your own progress.

I want you to be as excited about this as I am. I have always wanted to develop a service like this but our day-to-day work at Green Apple has always had us run off our feet. So now we get the chance to trial it properly.

I know other Centres have decided to close their doors and put off staff.
My intention is to keep our staff and provide what we always have, personal tailored physical activity, social interaction and kindness, humour and inspiration.

Anyone on our Green Apple Health@Home program will have access to our video classes we plan to provide live at 9am from Monday to Friday.

We want to know if you are ready to commit to keeping up your Green Apple exercise. We want to get you enrolled as soon as possible. The staff have been madly busy making calls and booking 30 minute phone appointments so send me an email at [email protected] or phone 3261 1249 if you see this as a great idea.

If you wish your membership put on HOLD or cancelled please send me an email also. Action will be taken to do this on your request. And if you have any problems with anything at present contact me directly. I am in the front line regarding any problem solving and all the Team are working hard to save the Green Apple so we can come out stronger and better in the long run.

See my email tomorrow about our current Allied Health service. It is alive still!

For those of you wanting Massage therapy, I am still allowed to practice so appointments can be made by phoning 3261 1249.

Interesting questions we are asking:

Q.  If pools are allowed to stay open, can we keep our pool open?

Q.  Can we do outdoor training one-on-one if we use our car park where there is lots of space for social distancing.


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