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COVID-19 News #5

Hello Everyone

I want to thank you for being so quick to respond to my last update. The emails have been flowing in thick and fast with messages of support and encouragement. Obviously you are all making decisions about what you want to do during this COVID-19 period and those of you whom have started on the Green Apple Health@Home program seem very positive and looking forward to giving it a go.

I want to share one of the letters we received and I have permission to do so. It was from a couple who have been attending Green Apple for some time and whom have always given back to us what I feel we have given them. They write,

Hi Victoria 

 We were thinking of you, Brian & the wonderful team at Green Apple during these “challenging “times & thought this was our chance to show you & your staff our appreciation for all you have done for us over the years. What we wished to do was to happily continue as a paying member, even if we were not able to attend in the coming weeks (maybe months) of uncertainty. As a wise man I know, who has had & lost a lot of money in business, while living with the results of polio as a child once told me – ” Health is Wealth “, plain & simple. Thanks to you, your team & your health philosophy we, like so many others at Green Apple have benefited greatly, day by day, week by week, year by year. 

 Often, we have thought of writing a thank you note, but never quite got around to it, so now is our time to step up.   

 Given we know you are not only hard working & dedicated, but loyal in your support (as is humanly possible) of your staff / team, we hope our ongoing commitment as long-term members will help keep everyone employed & your business flourishing well into the future. 

 I’m sure most, if not all other members feel the same as we do. Please let your team know we are 100% behind them.

 If our reply can help you muster any more support in any way, you are welcome to share. 

 Yes – love your new initiative & both Jeanette (Bridie please) & I (Katrina please) are in! 

 Warm regards 

Dean & Jeanette Baigent

There are many other emails that have given me the same feeling, that is that we at Green Apple, as a Team, must’ve have been doing something right over the years, to have such loyalty and support.

I am still processing all your emails and responding to you individually. I think everyone on the Team is excited by the support and response while at the same time feeling incredibly overwhelmed with it all.

My main task at present is to be your contact point, to address any concerns you have. Just send the email to [email protected] and I will do my best to give you answers

Some of you will be waiting to see what classes we are rolling out next week. Nessa and Loretta worked for hours today to get these ready for next week. Since it is a new venture, we can only get better at delivering this service. We do need your feedback however.  Send it to me and I can make sure we identify the common constructive criticisms so we have main areas to work on.

Whatever happens at present, I hope you are all designing your physical activity plan. It can be simple or comprehensive, as long as you have one in place during COVID-19.

To all our Green Apple family, hang in there,

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