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COVID-19 News #6

Hello Everyone

Another incredible day of transitional changes!

I know those of you whom have enrolled in the Green Apple Health@Home service will be waiting for our classes which will start from Monday next week. Loretta and Nessa (with help from Charlotte) have been working hard together to have enough ready for next week. Wanda will feature in one class and Loretta in the others at present. We may involve Brian (Step and Stretch) and Katrina, possibly Petrina. Early days.

There has been a little hitch I believe which should be sorted out in time to deliver our first class at 9am Monday.  Our IT and website person is working with Nessa to make sure we have the best platform to deliver this to you and he is still finalising it. It WILL happen I promise you. Nessa has been amazing in her tireless dedication to everything she is helping with.

Our Health@Home trainers, Bridie, Charlotte, Katrina, Wanda and Sunny have been run off their feet. On Friday Charlotte had talked so much that she had nearly lost her voice!

If we continue to have the response with this service we will get Darrol back from long service and Petrina back from holidays to provide further trainers for you to choose from. I know both these staff members have special relationships with some of you and that means they are the best people to look after you.

What is the benefit of this new service? Personally I believe it is going to result in a segment of our member base being more educated in what their body really needs as well as more focussed and mindful in relation to how they do their exercise. This will make a difference to them forever and when they come back into the Centre they will be far better trainers.

Why? Because of the personal interaction every week with one staff member whom has your best interest at heart. The Physitrack software we use (and be assured we do everything we can to teach you how to use the technology, which is a bonus in its own right) provides a dimension to your programming you won’t have experienced before.

I continue to receive your good wishes and support. I have permission to share this letter to me which was written in response to my last Message to Members.

Members Paul and Sharon Flux write,

Dear Victoria and the Green Apple Team,

We absolutely agree with Dean and Janette and are most appreciative of the care, concern, support, professionalism and effort of everyone at Green Apple.

We had our first session via the Physioapp yesterday with Wanda and Sunny and are very happy and motivated to work on at home with our new home program.

With much appreciation

Love and best wishes,

Sharon & Paul Flux

So thank you everyone out there who still sees themselves as part of our big family. I am amazed that it is only 5 days since we had to close and we have all come so far together already!


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