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COVID-19 News #7

Hello Everyone

This will be a short missive to keep you up to date with how everything is going at Green Apple.

For those of you enrolled in the Health@Home Service you should have received your link to the daily class. Nessa tells me we already have had members contacting us to say they are really happy with what is being provided.
Nessa’s plan is to send you out your daily class link before 9 am each day.

I’m sorry if I have been unclear in relation to asking you to choose what to do with your membership at present i.e. cancel completely, put it on HOLD or to keep it going and participate in the Green Apple Health&Home service. You only need to make a choice if you are one of our members who pay direct debit every two weeks.

Big thanks to those of you whom have decided to keep your payments going. I am finding your support truly amazing.

If you are wondering if you need to do anything in relation to COVID-19, contact me on [email protected] and let me know your current payment method and I will tell you if there is anything we need from you.

We are doing our best to get on top of the contact calls and making appointments for those of you wanting to enrol in the Health@Home service. We have Petrina coming back mid-week so if you want a trainer who has the competency to not only design your program but also demonstrate to you how to do some self-massage on knees and other parts of your body that you can get to, Petrina may be a good trainer for you. Contact me if this interests you so I can put you on her list.

One member phoned us because she was really struggling with motivation and being at home alone. I am glad I took the call because we were able to talk about how to make this home exercise work. It is all in the head. If we can get that right, we CAN succeed at this.

Hang in there, we are here for you

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