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COVID-19 News #8

Hello Everyone

You would never believe where I was this morning! Lying on a hospital bed, wired up, wearing a big loose gown, and feeling like a fraud!

This morning I did my usual exercise before all of us on the Green Apple team had a ZOOM Meeting at 7am, most of them from home and a couple of us here onsite. It was a very interactive session discussing how we were all going in our different new roles, how the Health@Home Service was going, whom on staff needed more help with technology and just anything we needed to talk about to ensure that what we have undertaken will be done as well as we possibly can.

Petrina came in from holidays, Darrol came in from Long Service time off and the gang were all here! Both Petrina and Darrol are very keen to be helping some of their special people using the Health@Home method so we are setting them up at home with computers.
If any member would like to do the Health@Home program with either Darrol or Petrina, let me know.
Petrina said she would like to be able to provide some massage tuition in your 30 minute session with her, for those of you who need this and are unable to have a massage at present.

Anyway directly after the meeting I was getting breakfast for Brian and for me. I was offered something to try which was called a bush potato and I thought it looked interesting and had a little sliver. It was a bit like a water chestnut, crunchy and pretty tasteless. Within 2 seconds my mouth was burning as if I had drunk an acid mix and my throat started to close up and swallowing became very difficult. Long story short, the ambulance came and whisked me off to hospital until I stabilised.

Back on deck now. Weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.

I am keen to share some of the comments you have been sending me via email. I am so glad to hear you are appreciating the videos made by a Nessa with Loretta and Charlotte, and Wanda (Pilates). Even better was the glowing comment from someone who did Loretta’s Aerobics video and said she had never tried to do this while she was actually coming to the gym.
I am hoping we will have a whole lot of you learning to do new things in your lounge room so when you come back you will have new skills to hone, and new activities to try.

Keep up the communication with me. I clear my emails constantly to keep abreast of anything needed.

If you have shown interest in our new service and haven’t had your call to enrol you in the  Health@Home program, send me an email. The team are really working solidly to get everyone up and running and this first week has been the challenging one. I think it will become a little more manageable now.

Til tomorrow, be kind to each other. This is a wonderful time to develop behaviours that we don’t usually have time to think about.


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